Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What are they thinking??

I've just discovered Netvibes, it's an amazing, customisable website. Just register and chuck in some of your favourite RSS feeds and you'll get the only page you ever need to check everyday. It can check your email accounts too but I am a bit skeptical about giving email login infos to a third party.
Anyhow, it's a great way to keep up with the news. For example, do you know that "The OC" will end this season [Yay, I really don't like that show] and that Brangelina supports Madonna's adoption?
However, the news are also for other serious stuffs.

What can be considered serious? Well, how about a the future of internet pornography? No, they're not gonna remove all the porn on the net, how can they? The internet was built to spread porn. No, they're only proposing to banish all porn sites to a new domain dedicated for porn. And guess what it's gonna end in? Guess! It's gonna end in ".xxx". Wow, what a revelation! The future of internet pornography: "www.porn.xxx". How come I didn't see that one coming?

OK, I'm getting serious now. There's been some interesting news regarding some Catholics. First there was the newly-appointed and newly-resigned Archbishop of Warsaw. Anyone who says priests don't lie should really take a look at this.

First he refused out right that he had anything to do with dirty little communists. It turned out he did have a lot to do with communists back in the 70s. What's more alarming for the Catholic Church's image is this:

But historians estimate that up to 15% of Polish clergy agreed to inform on their colleagues in the communist era.

Wow, clergymen are men after all. They do tell lies. Everybody lies. Some do it more often than others and if you lie for a long enough period of time, the lies become truth.

Since we're talking about lies, I really wanna get this out of my system: Shakira. What the hell is "hips don't lie"? How can hips lie when they don't have mouths or brains coz those are the basic requirements for lie-telling. That was a terrible song and as is the case with terrible songs, it just sticks to your brain and replays itself over and over and over until all you can think about is "hips don't lie" and you start talking to the melody of the song. I'm sorry I went off topic like this but I just can't get that song out of my head. Oh great! Now I have Kylie's "can't get you out of my head" playing alongside "hips don't lie". "Hips don't lie" was bad, the video clip was awful. Personally, I think the parodies of the clip are better than the official clip.

Another incident involving Catholic is this one involving a Catholic hospital in Canberra refusing to let the Canberra Fetility Centre use its premises for IVF treatments. And for what? Some old, misguided religious doctrine from thousands of years ago. This hospital is acting as if everybody wants to use IVF to get pregnant instead of the normal, much cheaper, and natural way. News flash people, only desperate people who can't get pregnant through the normal channels use IVF.

And then there was the controversy about Health Minister Tony Abbott contracting a Christian counselling service for the government's telephone pregnancy counselling service last week. I can understand the Catholic Church's position regarding abortions but isn't it ultimately the decision of the mothers? Choosing to have an abortion is not something you do without first thinking about all the consequences. Why would you try to convince people who have already agonised over their decision that they are baby-killing monsters?

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