Friday, August 22, 2008

WTF indeed

I assume the picture above would be the standard reaction everytime you visit my blog just to see that I haven't updated it. I was like that too, inside. I've been doing a lot of thinking, what usually runs through my head was "wtf is wrong with me?". It's just a phase I hope. If it's not a phase, there's always antidepressants which I've learned to love and ultimately hate recently. There's no better way to turn a person against a particular thing, in this case: antidepressants, than making said person do an extended assignment on said thing.

So what else I've been doing lately? I started reading again. It started because I was bored one day and decided to visit my favourite secondhand bookshop. There the promises of being thrilled by the "multi-layered secrets of The Eight" got the better of me. I wasn't thrilled by that book. The thought that stuck with me after finished that book was "That is it?". I expected too much out of it and was disappointed. Don't ever read "The Eights" by Katherine Neville. It's a waste of time especially if you have read the Da Vinci Code.

Since I wasted time reading a disappointing book already I read another in hope of getting at least some excitement into my life because, gosh, all the excitement of antidepressants, neurosis and CNS disorders are not ever enough. So I read "The hotel New Hampshire" and I was charmed. To be honest, after coming off of a really bad book you're easily charmed by anything. Don't let that deters you from reading it though. It's a great book, I've already lined up 2 more books from the same author to read in the upcoming "internship" period.

I'm trying my best to not be my usual cynical self, so I'm gonna just say that the "internship" would definitely be a learning experience. I'll definitely tell you about it once that is done with.

OK, what's more to say? The Olympics. Do you watch it? I watched it when I have dinner and breakfast and all I can say is that I effing hate the Sunrise people, especially Mel. Leave it to that woman to say the lamest, most cliche statements ever. Mostly it's along the line of "you must be so proud" to people who had just won gold or silver or bronze. Of course they're proud, why do you need to spell it out?

I must admit that was unfair to go off on the Sunrise people like that. I've just realised that I only hate that show because they're always so cheerful. Somehow their cheerfulness seems really artificial to me. Just like the kind of artificial cheerfulness I put on for work. Pencil-Chewer said something along the line of Pharmacists are the guardians of the stupid and I wholeheartedly agree. I'm being cynical again.

Back to the Olympics, I had a great time watching Softball the other night with my little sister. Not because we enjoy watching sports, it's because we're trying to guess which of the players are gay. They all look pretty gay to me. Cliche, I know but some cliche are true.

Alright, I think that this is quite enough to get some of you off my back about updating. I'm gonna leave you something that I'm slightly addicted to at the moment. It's a podcast called RadioLab. Seriously fascinating stuff, listen to it on your upcoming "learning experience".

Promise I'll update soon.

Also, go download the new Bloc Party's album. It's really different, in a good way.


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