Wednesday, April 30, 2008

weird things I've been doing recently

Yo, I was gonna post something that I thought was an awesome blog idea when I was writing it in my diary but then something got lost in the transition process from paper to digital and it reads like an emo kid rambling so that plan was scratched until I can de-emolified that post that is.

OK weird things I've realised recently:

I'm addicted to It all started after posting that picture of the contents of my bag a while ago. It's quite a rage in It's actually awesome. Take a look at this. Read all the notes. Isn't that awesome? Ok, maybe not, it's a bad example. Just search for something along the line of "what's in my bag" in flickr and you'll be on your way to an obsession. I got over the bag contents obsession a few days ago after I substituted one addiction for another (harm reduction in action yay!) by getting myself addicted to pictures of people's desks.

Which brings me to the picture at the beginning of the post. Why did I post it? Well, when you have nothing to post, anything is posting-material. That and I thought my table was messy enough to be cool. What can you do with that picture? Well, at the very least you can play "I spy" with it. I'll get you started, try to find
1. A handheld gaming device
2. All 3 of my ipods.

What's next. I've recently discovered my ability to stay up really late. It's got nothing to do with ability actually. It's got a lot to do with flickr addiction/obsession and being too tired and too lazy to move myself from my desk to my bed (wow that almost rhyme) which is literally 2 metres away.

How can you be too lazy to go to bed you might ask. Well, I have rituals I have to do before going to bed or else I'd feel weird in bed. Rituals like doing 30 crunches and then apply all the moisturising stuff so that my skin stay hydrated and then there's the eye-drops so that my only pair of eyes would be hydrated. The weather really fracks me up lately.

All in all that would take a few minutes but when you're too tired a few minutes doing that seem like a few hours. And then I have to choose the music I'd drift to sleep to (one of the perks of having 3 ipods and have recently overcome my fear of running out of battery: one ipod stays on my bed side table/stand/drawer all the time). Pre-bed is an exhausting business I tell ya. Right this moment, I'm delaying going to bed because I'm extremely warm at my table and my bed is probably extremely cold, that and the dreaded pre-bed rituals.

Last weird thing, I'm reading again and guess what I'm reading? A travel guide for Southern France. Why is that weird? Well, for one: I have no intention of visiting France, Southern or Northern or Eastern or Western for that matter, in the near future. And two: the guide book was published in 1926 (fact: it's actually older than my parents, almost as old as my grandmother). I got it from a secondhand bookstore because I liked the feel of the book. It's got a very bible-like feel to it (Let's just say I'm an appreciator of good paper in books) without being a bible. I find that it has a calmative effect on me when I read the "guides".

Friday, April 25, 2008

NIN service announcement and other goodies

New single downloads available on Go download it, you only have to leave an email address to get the link for the free download. Not instrumental. There's a cryptic message in the comment of the ID3 tag of the song though. If you don't know what I'm babbling about and/or can't be bother checking the comment out and/or don't give a frack, the comment says "Go to May 5". Looks like NIN's gonna have a new album out. I mean yet another album out.

I have recently developed an annoying habit of recommending music to other people. It usually doesn't go over well. Case in point: Indian Bread didn't like Tegan and Sara which makes me sad.

At the very least one of my recommendations didn't fall on deaf ears. Bert likes Russian Circles, YAY!. Here're something along that vein that I might have forgotten to give to Bert on Wednesday. All legal Myspace stuff. You know where and how to get them.
Long distance calling

I've not given up on Indian Bread yet, you're not getting off that easy, here's something you should like.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Questions that beg for sarcastic answer

I don't know if it's just my sarcastic nature or that people generally ask me lots of questions that they don't need to ask me. If I take a while to answer your question it can be because of a few reasons (in increasing frequency order):

  1. I know the answer but I take time to answer it because that's what job interview books advise. Really, it makes you look more thoughtful and articulate. Try it sometime but be aware that you should not take too long to answer basic questions like "What's 2+2?". Taking a few seconds to answer that will make you look dumb. Unless you can come up with some philosophical view on why 4 is the answer.
  2. I know that I know the answer but I can't remember what the answer is. Hence the pause before the answer is the time for the cogs in my brain to turn to compute the answer for you. Example: "What's the side effects of Enalapril?". I have to go through all the steps that are affected by ACE inhibitors to arrive at hyperkalaemia.
  3. I don't know the answer hence I need time to make one up and appear legitimate at the same time. Example: "why did the Chinese build the great wall of China?". To keep the rabbits out of course.
  4. And last but not least the questions to which the answers are so obvious and yet the other person just had to ask me anyway. The pause before the answer is the time I take to roll my imagined/internal eyes, hold back a sarcastic answer and answer the question.
A few questions that beg for a sarcastic comment that I've got recently:

"Should I lie down if my nose bleeds?"
Obviously we have a nose-bleeds virgin here. No you stand as up right as you can until all 5L of your blood is drained through your nose.

"You got a haircut? Is it shorter?"

No it's actually longer. I don't get why people call it a "hair cut" when it's actually makes your hair longer. Ironic isn't it?

"Are we going to eat it?"
(regarding a birthday cake for Bert)
No, we're gonna put candles on it, light it up, sing the song and watch it decomposes on the table.

"Why don't you post on your blog more regularly?"

Because I have nothing to do at home, nothing at all so I use all my time to sleep and can't possibly blog.

This is why "be less sarcastic" is on my new year's resolution. It's actually on top of the resolution I set for myself everyday.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I investigate the contents of my bag

Last Friday I realised something was definitely wrong with my backpack. Friday is the day I have only 2 lectures. Somehow my bag was the same weight as what I remember my backpack from the time in high school when I was still motivated enough to bring text books to school. So I set out to find out why my bag was that heavy. And I took a picture of that too.

I found out why my bag was heavy. It's because I have several fears. From looking at the above picture you'd probably work out my first fear already. Anyhow, if you haven't here's a list.

  • Fear of running out of battery (FOROOB). Yes I do use all three of my iPods everyday. I have at least 2 of them in my bag everyday. On Friday I had all three of them. Even though they don't weigh much they did contribute the the weight of the whole pack.
  • Fear of losing my purse/wallet/whatever you call what you use to store cards and other stuff (let's abbreviate that to FOL). I have 3 purses/wallets. One is for train tickets, one is for bank cards that I use regularly and the last one is for card that I don't use regularly but still feel the need to bring with me because in addition to the first two fears I also suffer from Fear of missing out (FOMO) which I will discuss in the next dot point. I actually have another card thing to hold library cards and uni stuff. Don't laugh at my FOL. What if one day you lose whatever you use to hold all your cards plus money plus ticket because you manage to lose the thing that holds all of those? At least if/when I lose one of my purses/wallets/card holders I won't lose everything. It's a real lack of endogenous opiates (in this case Enkephalin) in the Periaqueductal Grey Area (obviously I took time out from deciphering my pharmacology notes to write this post) to get new cards from anywhere.
  • And FOMO. This one is the biggest contributor to the weight. Why? Because of this I just had to bring about 5 times the amount of notes that I could possibly had time to reread while waiting for my lecture at 12.30. Because of this I had to bring 10 times the number of pens that I could ever use.
So in my attempt to reduce the weight of my bag today. I left the mp3 players and 1 ipod at home together with a bunch of notes and pens and other unnecessary stuff. Turned out I also left my USB drive at home and of all days today was the day I wanted to download some lectures at uni to bring home. See why I have FOMO? You'll never know when you need these stuff.
Before you bother to ask (if you bother at all) I'll just answer the few questions that you might have.

Q: Why do you have a bottle of Coumadin in your bag?
A: It's used to store moisturiser. Bringing the whole tub of moisturiser in my bag just seems too extreme. You'll never need that much moisturiser.

Q: Why do you have 2 pairs of headphones?
A: One pair is for the car ride with my Mum in the morning, it's easier for her to talk to me with the ear buds. One pair is for the train ride home, it's easier for me to ignore other people's conversations with the over the ear headphones.

Q: Why do you have 2 sets of keys?
A: I forgot that I have one set in my bag because it's always buried under other stuff in my bag.

Q: Why do you have 2 mp3 players in addition to the ipods?
A: They have voice recording. One is bigger in capacity than the other. One doesn't need cord to connect to a computer which I also use as a plan B/emergency USB drive (which I promptly left home today with the plan A drive as well)

Q: what are the batteries for?
A: the mp3 players plus because I have FOROOB.

Anymore questions?

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Just to cover every questions

Snapped by the Floorober ages ago.


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