Sunday, February 24, 2008

things you can do with an ipod

Those mofos at Apple keep changing the ipod, I really don't know what you can do with them anymore, I heard you can make toast with them, I also heard that you can rape someone with an ipod. Don't know about the toast making ability of ipods but I have proof of the rape-committing ability of ipods straight from a mother of a victim.

I know it's a misspelling of "rapt" but that is funny. What can be funnier? Well misspelling the Rapture into the Rapedture would be funny considering what the Rapture is actually about.

In other news, I'm going to a concert tomorrow, I'm rapt raped with excitement.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

on the lack of a meaningful post last week

Considering last week was the week that my birthday this year was in, I should have posted something more meaningful than the PG-rated version of "2 girls, 1 cup" video. That video of the chimp (monkey?) is so similar to the "2 girls, 1 cup" thing, except for the X-rated video had 2 girls whereas the PG-rated thing has only 1 chimp of unknown gender to me.

I didn't even comment on the Sorry speech and all that followed, which I will be doing now. I would like to thank Kevin Rudd for turning the usual rather meaningless day before Valentine's day into the "Historic National Sorry Day" from now on. Thanks a lot, all the people that were born on the 13th of February can now respond to the question "When is your birthday?" with "Sorry day" instead of "The Day before Valentine's day".

Seriously though, I think Kevin Rudd saying sorry to the Aborigines was the right thing to do, it was done with what I hope to be good intentions. Let's hope we all learn something and move on. If we haven't, well, the forty something compensation claims probably will. On Brendan Nelson, well I haven't decided what he is, a man who stood by what he believes or an incredible stubborn idiot. Whatever he is, I don't think he's gonna win any election.

Back to the topic, I didn't post anything meaningful last week because I didn't feel like it was a special week/day. I wasn't excited about my birthday at all, if anything I felt a bit nervous, uneasy and sad. Trust me, it's normal, I feel like that every birthday which is why I don't ever celebrate my birthday.

I've just reread that last paragraph and realised that I didn't described what I felt quite correctly. I wasn't exactly sad, I was something else I can't quite find a word to describe. Lucky for me some talented person/people probably felt the same way about their 24th birthday. Give it a listen.

Twenty four

Surprise, surprise they wouldn't wanna watch
Another uninnocent, elegant fall into the unmagnificent lives of adults

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

positively gross

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

In which nothing much happened

I just felt compelled to post another post so that my post count can go up to 333, only half evil.

OK, so what's going on? Been working, the amazing thing that happened when I started working was that I lost all impulse to buy things. When I don't have money I want to buy lots of things, when I do I don't wanna buy anything. All in all it's a good thing.

How's work? Well, it's work, I spent most of the time in competition with the customers to see who's gonna be the first to say "Hi, how are you?". It's ridiculous really because they always say "I'm well thank you" then proceed to tell me they have this horrible migraine that kept them from sleeping. What kind of "well" is that? How about me? I'm well thank you, well, apart from losing all of what little motivation I have to do anything productive I'm very well.

So what I really feel about my job is that it can do with a lot, a LOT of excitement. I don't hate it, especially after I've seen this picture.

So You Think Your Job Stinks

Yup, there definitely are worse jobs.

Something quite hilarious did happen to me, albeit not on the job, someone called me a "faggot" the other day. That was interesting, I've never in my life expected to be called a faggot. Who would call someone they don't know, whom they have never seen before in their live, names, that can't even be applied since last time I checked I don't have a Y chromosome? You know the answer: stupid freaking idiotic idiots. Pardon the redundancy, I wanted to express the frantic eye-rolling-inducing effect these idiots had on me. At the time I wanted to give them the finger, but I didn't, I'm just chicken civilised like that. I had a good laugh afterward though. Idiots.

How's your holiday going so far? I guess since you take time to read this you're probably bored out of your brain right? I can understand, if I had other things better to do I wouldn't read this anyway. Good news for you is that since you've made it this far down the post, here's a little something something for you: another ten-song mix. You know the drill, download and unrar. How was the last mix? I know a whopping number of people downloaded it. Three to be exact. Count that, 3, you can count it on one hand! (sorry about the sarcasm, I've been reigning it in at work so now it just busted out when I'm off work).


And last but not least, funny quote of the week (the Alarmist thought it was funny).
You know why you should not buy a MacBook? Because you're not gonna be able to cope and you're gonna have to ask me to help you and I won't have time to do that.
- Me dispensing wisdom on laptop choices to the Alarmist.
I used to dream about saving the world
Now I just dream about the holidays

Sunday, February 03, 2008

a few favourite tunes from January

I feel freaking tired, I only worked for 25 hours last week (most of those at night) but it felt like I worked for 40 hours. How people with full-time jobs manage to blog regularly and articulately I have no idea. Maybe they don't have a life outside of blogging and working.

Off topic: The strangest thing happened to me this week, I can't sleep in anymore. I always get up at 6.30 in the morning even if I went to bed at 1. What's the point of being on holiday when you can't freaking sleep in?

Back on topic, the rest of the time that I don't work I spent online downloading music, listening to the shit load of music I downloaded, deleting the ones I don't like and making lists of albums I should buy when they're released. Oh, and I managed to start reading 5 books while waiting for the downloads. So here's a 10 songs from a few bands that I started to listen to during January in a .rar file (use 7-zip to unrar, it's free).

and listen. I'm serious, it takes ages for me to upload so you people better download, it's only 26MB. No computer virus had been intentionally included.

Also, download the following songs completely free and legal from I would have included it in the file but then it'd be wasted effort.
Chris Walla - Sing Again
Nada Surf - See these bones

Funny thought of the day: what we learn from American History X is that prison anal rape cures racism.

Sometimes when you're going down you're going down no matter what.
So find the deepest well you can and climb on it and wait it out.


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