Sunday, November 08, 2009


You know how the cliche goes: "every good thing must come to an end". This blog feels like a cliche hence it will end like a cliche. I started this when I finished year 12 so it's sort of appropriate that I should finish this when I finish uni. If you had asked me when I started this in 2005 I wouldn't have guessed that things would turn out like this. One last update? Why the hell not? There isn't much to update anyway.

I finished the last of the exams we'll have to wait and see how I went. In the mean times I have a driving test to pass, a car to buy, a house to rent, and a whole lot of growing-up to do.

That brings me to the reason why this blog will not be updated in the future, it all has to do with what I don't post here. I reread the archive and I felt as if I hadn't done any growing these past 4 years, I did but it was not documented here for reasons that will not be documented here. I started this blog with the intention of documenting everything or at the very least attempting to do so. Since that original intention had been compromised for so long now, what is the use of doing this?

So just like the title of that Michael Jackson documentary, this is it (well at least I had the good taste to not make that the title of this post) boys and girls. Adios Amigos, it had been fun.

P.S. I developed a sort of addiction to shooting pictures with old 35mm film cameras, pictures would be on Flickr somewhere some time in the future.


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