Friday, August 31, 2007

August music

August has been a rather exciting month. I've bought another iPod since the other one is on the verge of dying. Not dead yet, I need to change the battery for that old one. Anyway, the new iPod means more music listening without running out of battery. That and the fact that I've developed a kind of musical ADHD means that I've got a very long list of music that I listen to this month. So here goes a list/review of albums that I've been listening to this month. I tried in the past (read: last month's post) to provide links to where you can get links to where you can get some free (and thus illegal) mp3's but Hype Machine (hint, hint: where you can get free sample mp3s) is acting like a bitching diva at the moment so no links this time around. There are some links to Youtube videos though, enjoy!

The old fave's new albums:
The New Pornographers - Challengers
Pop isn't a dirty word, that's what I learned this year. If you want good pop, just go look for The New Pornographers or Tegan & Sara (yeah, I just had to plug my 2nd favourite band in wherever I can). Back to The New Pornographers, this album's just been released this month but the leaked version of it has been lying around the net (and my ipods) for a few months at least. My first thought after the first listen months ago was "wow, that was boring". However this is one of those album that gets better after repeated listens. I like it enough to get myself a physical copy when it came out in Australia so I'd say it's really good.
my rights versus yours

Rilo Kiley - Under the blacklight
One of those highly anticipated release of the year (if you like Rilo Kiley's previous albums that is) and for a good reason too. This album frustrated me quite a bit. It didn't leak until 2 or 3 days before the release date (a truly great feat if you ask me). All I heard of the album before the leak were the first 2 singles: The Moneymaker and Silver Lining. The Moneymaker didn't do much for me, I thought it was below average. Silver Lining is a different story, that song made me go searching for leaks for the whole day. What can I say? I like the hand claps, the guitar tracks and everything about that song. Sweet album,
Silver Lining (video)
The Moneymaker (video)

Eisley - Combinations
Another CD that just didn't leak! I've known about Eisley for a while now but I don't listen to them much until I heard the first single off of this CD: Invasion. The whole CD wasn't that great, unfortunately. Sounds like Room Noises episode number 2 to me but then again I don't like them that much so it might just be my uninitiated ears. Should be a hit with the die-hard fans.
Invasion (video)

The recent discoveries that has been on heavy rotations:
Bat for lashes - Fur and Gold
I can't believe I like this album. My brain can only comes up with "weird" when I try to describe this album. No make it "really weird". But hell it's good.
Horse and I (video)

Helios - Eingya
This one is a totally random find. I subscribe to a whole bunch of blogs that give out links to full album downloads on rapidshare and yousendit. I get links for about a dozen of new & old albums everyday in my google reader, that's how I keep track of all the leaked albums. Anyway, I got the link for this one ages ago and thought that the album cover looks interesting, kinda manga-ish. So the link sat there in my Google Reader for a few weeks and one day when I was messing around at uni waiting to continue my life once I get home, I decided to check it out. I was blown away. This stuff is good. Weird but good. Really good background music to study to since it's all instrumental.

The Wombats

I don't remember how I got into this band but I'm pretty sure the first song I heard was "Kill the Director". They have a bunch of songs out and I like them because they kick-start my brain in the morning. If you see me particularly cheerful at 8.30 AM going into Micro lecture, that's possibly the result of The Wombats' songs.
Backfire at the disco (youtube)
Moving to New York

Voxtrot - Voxtrot
I have a thing against self-title albums. Are the artists so limited in creativity that they can't think of an meaningful title for their album? Or are they just out of steam once they've finished recording? Anyhow, really good, album. Not as good as their EPs but still good. No real standout favourite so far. Just listen to the whole thing. Go to their myspace or their page for some free stream.
Free and legal downloads:
The start of something
Mothers, sisters, daughters & wives

The good-but-I've-ran-out-of-steam-so -I'll-write-about-this-later:
The Klaxons - Myths of the near future
Caribou - Andorra
LoveLikeFire - An ocean in the air EP
Kisschasy - Hymns for the non-believer
The dears
Wolf parade
Midnight Juggernauts - dystopia
Plain white T's

The recommended-by-friends:
UNKLE - War stories
Suggested by Pencil Chewing Boy, checked it out a while ago but wasn't terribly impressed. I was way into The Faint then and no-one can distract me from The Faint. Anyway, UNKLE got mentioned to me by Crazy Lecture Note Doodler the other day so I gave it another listen.
Favourite track: Key to the kingdom

Tool - 10,000 days
Bert's recommendation, one tough cookie to chew. I would have gotten into this if someone had suggested it back in year 11 when I was into Metallica.
Favourite tracks so far:

  • Jambi
  • Wings for Marie

And the overhyped
MIA - Kala
It seemed like every mp3 blogger and every music reviewer loves this album. I wasn't gonna check this stuff out because of one name that got associated with this CD: Timbaland. That guy is some sort of hip hop producer/artist and I have been avoiding hip hop ever since I fell off the hip-hop bandwagon at the end of year 10. I hate the hip hop culture, I hate the blings, I hate the ridiculous dancing I don't hate some of the tunes though, I must admit some are really really catchy. So naturally when I see anything that got stamped with the name Timbaland I avoid it. But all the hype got to me and I caved in. First listen: What the hell is so special about this? Second listen: Definitely some interesting tunes, especially on Jimmy and Hussel but definitely not worth the hype.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

What is GOD?

I think all the time, sometimes it's about inconsequential things like "Do blind people step on dogshit more often?" and sometimes it's about deep profound stuff like "What is the meaning of life?". Today was one of those profound stuffs day.

What one does when one's almost comatose by a lecture and one has been reading The God Delusion is to think about God, naturally. The question has been on my mind for a couple of days actually, what is god exactly? Then I had an epiphany this morning, in between Beta decay and Positron decay, God is backward DOG. Coincidence? I think not!

Here's looking at YOU! Too

You, on the Monday train from the city. After years of medical researches, we all know that smoking kills and secondhand smoke also kills. It doesn't take a genius to work out that smoker's breath freaking stinks. So please, before you smoke yourself to a possible painful death, breath through your nose like normal people when on public transport.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Stuck in my head

One damn sticky song. Imagine the chorus on repeat in my head for the entire day. Bandages, bandages.
Hot Hot Heat - Bandages

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Here's looking at YOU!

There is a free afternoon newspaper called mX. Everyone who rides the sardine cans from the city reads this because they don't want to stare at the person sitting in front of them. It's not a very good newspaper if you ask me but who cares? Anyway, mX has been running this "Here's looking at you" columns for people who wants to hook up with random people they see on the train because they find said random people beautiful, cute, has Kate Moss looks, etc. but are too shy to walk up and talk to them in person, and thus has to rely on a free publication to broadcast their message to the general masses in hope of reaching the intended target. I'm ripping mX off and doing my own "Here's looking at YOU!" for people who I find generally annoy the fuck out of me on the train. So here goes the first edition of "Here's looking at YOU!"

To the obese man who got on the train at Parliament station only to get off at Jolimont. I know everyone including you wants to get home fast but can you display some sensibility and NOT get yourself into an already packed carriage next to me. You have plenty of padding but I don't, you almost squeeze all the air out of me during that 3 minute ride. Please don't ever get near me again.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Crazy shits I've done today. And a bit of yesterday.

I got hooked on Weeds. It all started because I got curious about the opening title song "Little Boxes". I listen to Death Cab, Regina Spektor and Jenny Lewis so, naturally, I want to see for myself why they would wanna do the opening title for a TV show. The fact that this show has been getting lots of buzz lately helped too. I checked out the first episode and got hooked on Sunday. Finished watching the first season on Monday. Finished half of season 2 on Tuesday. The plan yesterday was that I would watch 2 more episodes and then go to bed because I started watching rather late. But the second half of the second season was so freaking full of cliff-hangers. I ended up watching the second half the season 2 and the first 4 episodes of the third season. I went to bed at 2am this morning. If you're planning on watching this show, get the whole season and watch it in one go during weekends.

That's not the end of it. I got up late this morning and decided to try out this coffee sample the Kid (that's my little sister) got for free. It was OK but it wasn't as strong as what I usually have every morning. I was sleeping through half of my lectures this morning. This gave me some appreciation about bioavailability (which was the topic of one of the lectures this morning). Like different formulations of a drug having different bioavailability, different coffee blends have different amount of caffeine.

There was no way I was gonna go through my day like a zombie so I bought coffee. Drank it, had a great time during prac which was a very rare event. Went home and for some crazy reason that I can't explain now decided to have another drink of coffee. So I'm actually high on caffeine at the moment with no more Weeds episodes to watch. I guess I'm gonna stay up and study microbiology. That stuff will put me right to sleep anyhow.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

A whole week in one post. I'm funny and awesome.

Featuring in this post. These people's names (excluding Bert's he chose his name himself) had been changed to protect my identity and for comic effects (if you don't find these names funny, what is wrong with your sense of humour?). Please rest assured that none of your pictures taken by my crappy mobile phone that shows your faces will be posted on this blog. Again, to protect my identity. If I do put your pictures up, they will be photoshopped with your choice of celebrity body-double. Yeah, I'm a bit paranoid.

  • Crazy lecture note doodler. She earned this name because she doodles on lecture notes instead of taking notes sometimes. She also doodles on other people's notes. I'm only using "doodle" for lack of other word that means "sneaking in and scratch a line here and there and sometimes a phrase on other people's notes". She wrote "{insert my real name} is a sexy punani" in red on my notes just last week.
  • Taken-girl. She plays Tekken and she's taken even though she hasn't stopped hitting on other people me included.
  • Bert. No introduction needed.

I'm combining posts again because as Taken-girl pointed out on Friday. I don't wanna do one for everyday coz that makes me look like I don't have a life.

Monday - short and sweet
Short because I had only one lecture so my day finished at 9.30am. Sweet because I found out about that girl having to sit the supp exam. Nothing alleviates one's feeling of inadequacy like finding out that there are people doing worse. Sweet!

Tuesday - Intoxicated people lose touch with reality
What is with people chroming on public transport? To be precise, what is with people chroming on route 19 Tram going into the city? I've only seen people chroming three times in my life and all of the three times had been on a tram, two of them on a route 19 tram. Granted that I've only been catching public transport in Melbourne for 4 years and I need to increase my sample size before I can conclude that there is a relationship between tram route and chroming incidences here but there should be an explanation for this. Bert catches the tram more often than I do and he hasn't seen any chromer.
Back to the topic, from all three of my chromer-observing experiences, I came to a conclusion that people who are high on whatever gas that is in the spray paint can lose touch with reality, and/or becoming increasingly paranoid AND you should NOT aggravate them by staring at them or commenting on the smell of paint if you happen to sit near them. The first chromer I saw belong to the lose touch with reality category. She didn't give a shit that it's a packed tram and just chromed away at the back of the tram. One quesion comes to mind now, do you get any higher if you do it in public? Coz I heard someone somewhere said that if they had sex in public places they had better sex, does it work for taking drug? The second chromer abused the shit out of everyone around him, so much so that half the the tram got off or ran to the front part of the tram to sit near the driver. Like the driver would have done anything if the chromer decided to go on a killing rampage! The last and latest chromer didn't do anything much except for taking a whole bench for himself and flashed everyone his ass (unintentionally) when he stood up to leave.

Wednesday - Bert fixated on BDSM
Bert read the whole of this in-depth investigation into a BDSM community in Fitzroy. I didn't read it coz it was too long and Bert was hogging my newspaper anyway.

Thursday - Bacteria are your friends
Just that, bacteria are your friends treat them with the right agar plate, they are the only culture some people have.

Friday - I am funny
I always knew that I'm funny but on Friday I got confirmation that I'm seriously funny. I'm pretty sure my friends were laughing at me though. Some moments from the conversation between Me, Bert, Crazy lecture note doodler, and Taken-girl.

Crazy lecture note doodler:
Do you get picked up from the station?
Nah, I'm too lazy, I can't be bothered calling my dad so I walk home.
Crazy lecture note doodler:
yeah, that makes a lot of fucking sense.

Crazy lecture note doodler:
You have a blog? What's the address?
(point to Bert) He's got it. (point to Taken-girl) She's got it. (point to Crazy lecture note doodler and say dramatically) You don't have it.
Laughter ensued from all parties involved
I swear, it feels like you're on antidepressant this year.

Saturday - Intoxicated people do crazy things
We've concluded above that intoxicated people lose touch with reality right? Well, on Saturday I learned a new thing, they also do crazy things or rather, in my case, do something against my nature.
I drank yesterday. I don't usually consume alcoholic drinks. In fact the last time I did was 2 years ago. I didn't get drunk yesterday, really you have to be tiny to be drunk on only one beer but I think that beer did something to me. I'm not antisocial, I just don't like people. Ok, let me rephrase, I don't like to be in an enclosed places with lots of people like a concert or a packed train. Packed train can't be helped if I want to get home early enough to walk home so I tolerate it. But concerts were totally out of the question for me. WERE. Until yesterday that is.
So the short version of this story is that I decided to go to a concert after I had a beer at dinner. I had decided earlier in the week that I would not go but I changed my mind. Looks like I'll be seeing Tegan and Sara in December!

Sunday - Take that calculation module assessment quiz!
It couldn't be the beer this time. I had planned on putting off doing this quiz for as long as I can possibly can but I went on MUSO this morning and felt impulsively ready. Guess what I got. 100%! Yeah, I'm awesome!
P.S. No I'm not, the freaking quiz that I was losing very little sleep over was ridiculously easy. It took me 30 minutes to do it extremely slowly and triple check every calculations. Now I can catch up on the little sleep that I've lost worrying about that quiz.

Friday, August 17, 2007

You learn something new everyday no.1

Yiddish is actually a language. I've always thought that it's a made up language. Really what kind of language has a name as hilarious as Yiddish? Am I the only one finding the word "yiddish" funny?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Random pictures pulled from my phone

Self explanatory title. I guess I can get lazier with posting. This is what I use my mobile phone for, entertainment when waiting for various things (Usually the bus or someone) and an iPod is not sufficient entertainment.

Taken today, while waiting in the car for my mum who said that she'd be in and out of the supermarket in 2 minutes since she's only getting a packet of salt. It turned out that "one packet of salt" turned into "one packet of salt, one packet of sugar, 2L of olive oil, some cookies and breakfast cereal" and a "2 minute" wait turned into a "half hour" wait.

Taken a few months ago. If you can't make out what it is I took a picture of, it's a full on purple car. PURPLE! Who would wanna drive a purple car? Willy Wonka? I took this picture partly because of the ridiculously painted car and partly because the train driver decided that he wanted to take a 15 minute chit chat break one station away from the station I get off. The train was late to start with and the train driver stopped for 15 minute to smoke ant chat. I counted the minute (which was 15) and the number of cigarette to smoked (which was 2). Irresponsible is an understatement.

I don't know what is the name of this organism so I'm not gonna try. It looks like it likes to attach itself to the glass panel and eats stuff off the panel.

Totally random picture I took last year of the roof at Caufield Race course before an exam.

Bus stop at 6:30pm mid-winter with no street light. Bored and the bus was late.

The sky from under the bus stop shelter. Possibly autumn last year. Bored and guess what? the bus was late.

Electricity lines and a patch of sky. From the bus stop again. Summer. Bored with the ever-late bus.

Taken today. I'll call this the epitome of laziness. Too lazy to copy stuff down and too lazy (and too stingy) to go 10m away to the photocopier.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

video of the day

I'm not getting lazier with posting, I can't get any lazier than I've already been. It's just that this is the most amazing video I've seen on Youtube since, well, I can't remember since when. Just watch this and thank me later.

Monday, August 13, 2007

I feel GOOD!

Even though I really shouldn't be feeling good about myself when I find out that some people failed in the exams that I passed. But those facts make me feel good for a change and really those people who failed, well some of them deserved it.

Last week I found out that this chick, who has never failed to stop talking during lectures, failed one of her exams. It took everything in me not to say "Duh!" right to her face. Really, this is probably karma at work here or maybe it's God undoing all the injustices in the world. OR the reason can just simply be the fact that humans can't talk about fingernail polish and listen to academic lectures at the same time.

Today, I found out that another chick (let's call her No.2) failed in a subject that I really hate last semester and have been counting my blessings ever since I found out that I passed it. What makes this so satisfying is that No.2 has always felt like a cocky, patronising um... person (I don't want to use "bitch" so "person" will have to do). There's nothing wrong with being cocky if you're good enough to warrant cockiness. But being cocky for no reason is just plain stupid. No.2 has always given out this patronising vibe every time she's around me with all the "I'm so good because I went to a private school and did IB instead of doing VCE in a public school like you" undercurrent. I just thought I was being my usual hypersensitive, over-analysing self again but Pencil Chewing Boy agreed with me (phew, I didn't make up this "vibes" business in my head then). We even went as far as hi-fiving each other when we found out that she had to sit a supplementary exam for the hated subject. I guess I wasn't over-analysing after all.

But then again, she could just be revising her notes because she likes the subject so much, it's not like everyone hates this subject with as much passion as I did do. That chance is pretty slim though. Who would be revising notes on a subject that he/she will never have to do again on a week really close to the Supp exam week? I'll go with the option that makes me feel good. I'm not saying that No.2 deserves to fail it's not like she talks like a machine gun in every lecture. It just makes me feel good when someone I don't like fails at something. Gee, now I feel kinda juvenile.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Music video of the week

There are 2 ways for a music video to make it to my 'music video of the week' post. It can either completely blow my mind away by its brilliance, which is a very rare event. Or it can be one big fat WTF. Guess how this next clip makes it to this post.

Editors - An end has a start

There is music that you can dance to and there is music that you can't. I guess this one belongs to the latter. It's an awesome track from an album that I like but this music video is just too fracking creepy. It's not the music, it's not the weird stretching routine the main singer did during the song, it's not even the strange the lighting or the really strange stripe t-shirt the guitarist wore, it's the dancing. It looks like something some zombies from "28 Days later" would do if they're high on whatever zombies get high on, probably blood. The makeup on those dancer didn't help either.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I've got withdrawal

I call V my "concentrated patience" drink. What I noticed last week was that if I had a can of V (a Red Bull knock off) I'd be more patient during my pracs and overall I would be more cheerful. That was all well and good until the weekends came. I couldn't stay awake during Saturday and Sunday even with my usual caffeine dose. I really think I should just stop drink energy drinks forever.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

July CDs roundup: best month of the year so far

New releases wise, this month has been huge so without further here are my favourite releases in alphabetical order with extremely short review from me. Recommended songs are linked to Hype Machine where you can stream the song. My connection isn't very good for uploading and I don't want to mess with copyright law.

Against Me! - New Wave
My introduction to the band and I like it. Not as much screaming as their previous albums which I don't like as much.
Favourite tracks:
Thrash Unreal
White people for peace (video)
Also, check out From her lips to God's ears from their old album

Bishop Allen - The broken string
Again, a brand new band for me. I heard the first track from their album and I love it, and the rest of the album. The whole album has this kinda mellow and cute poppy sound to it. Really, when anyone starts writing songs for/about a piano they literally picked up off the street it's gotta be cute. The album feels very summer to me (which is good in this winter weather)
Favourite tracks:
The monitor (not album version but still awesome)
Corazon (again, not album version, these guy recorded 4 album worth of EPs last year and picked the hits to put on this album so there're a ton of their EP songs floating around)

Editors - An end has a start

I think I raved a bit about this band last month already. They sound like a cross between Interpol & Coldplay to me.
Favourite tracks:
An end has a start
The racing rats

Garbage - absolute garbage
My favourite band back in year 12. What can I say, it's their greatest hits collection so it's great. The only new song sounds OK. If you're already a fan you'll love this album, if you're not the you won't. Hopefully they won't break up.
Tell me where it hurts

Gogol Bordello - Super taranta!
I posted a video of this band last Sunday already and so far Bert likes it. I don't know why I decided to check these guys out but it wasn't because of the song they did with Madonna for Live Earth. The whole album is pretty much crazy gypsy/punk rock tunes that make you wanna jump up and down crazily on your bed.
Wonderlust king
supertheory of supereverything

Interpol - Our love to admire
One thing you can be sure about Interpol is that they're always the same. It might be a good thing as is in the case of this album, there's enough variations to make me wanna listen to this over and over again. Not enough bass on this CD.
Pioneer to the falls
No I in threesome

Spoon - Ga ga ga ga ga
One very strange album. I don't know why it feels that way to me but I like it big time. At first listen it was just a pretty average album to me but then the tunes stuck in my head. And that was after only one listen. After about 10 listens, I was going gaga for this band.
The underdog
Rhythm & soul
You got yr. cherry bomb

Tegan and Sara - The con
I'm too biased to give this a fair review. I adore this band and this is positively the best album of the year so far (I told you I'm biased). That's all I'm gonna say.
Burn your life down
Hop a plane
The con

Yeah yeah yeahs - Is is EP
Short and sweeet (like this review)
Down boy

Other releases that's worth a mention too

The enemy - We'll live and die in these towns

A pretty good album. I would have liked it much better had I not been distracted by all of the above albums already. I'll give it a few more listen before I can recommend songs.

Sum 41 - Underclass hero

This album reminds me of their old albums which I liked a lot back in year 11. They sound exactly the same on this record which is fine by me. Some of the songs sound like they're trying to rip off their old songs. Interpol at least tried to vary their sounds and experimented a bit. Sum41's new album is just too unvaried. I'm better off listening to Chuck I guess.

Korn - Untitled

Again, another of my Year 11 favourite band. I went through this whole hard rock phase back in year 11. This album is too normal, not what I expected out of Korn. It sounds like they're trying to cash in with the whole environmental awareness thing. I like it but it's just not good enough.

And on a completely unrelated but related note: here's the new single from the Foo Fighters. New album's coming soon I think. By the sound of this single, it's gonna be great plus rumour has it that they'll be trashing Emo bands on one of their song.

Foo fighter - The Pretender

Saturday, August 04, 2007

A week

I know I've disappeared for a whole week. I planned to post every other day but like the things I usually plan, it never goes according to plan. I've pretty much decided to stop posting downloadable music on my blog since that would be inviting trouble and unwanted (and unneeded) harassment upon myself. I will continue to post streamable music that I like from Youtube and other sources and maybe point you towards the mp3 blogs that host downloadable files where possible.
On with today's post then, I thought it would be fun to post about my week. If I can remember it at all.

Monday - Shocked and appalled by fake tan
Monday, monday, monday. Weird, I can't remember much about Monday except for a horrible fake tan this girl sported. Actually, I'm not even sure it's a fake tan but anyone who looks positively orange in the middle of winter can be assumed to have been having fake tan applied right? Or a very bad case of Jaundice. Wait then she'd be yellow not orange. Anyway, I was shocked and rather appalled that anyone would want to look burnt at all. What is this fascination with looking tanned? It doesn't mean you have a healthy lifestyle or anything, it just means that you spend a lot of time outdoors and, off the top of my head, the only profession that require anyone to stay outdoors a lot is a bricklayer. Do you wanna look tanned like a brick layer? No.

And a tan in winter? When it's freezing. There are 2 things wrong with this scenario.
1. You can't possibly get a real tan in winter in Melbourne because: a. It's frakking cold, you don't even want to get out of the house let alone showing any skin to the sun. And b. Assuming you're mental enough to go sunbathing, there wouldn't be any sun to bathe in in Melbourne.
2. Why get a tan when you're gonna wear winter clothes over your tan anyway? And this will probably go off the topic a bit but the girl who was sporting the fake tan was wearing clothes that aren't very suitable for Melbourne winter. Frankly her clothes would be totally appropriate in Brisbane or Darwin now. Anyhow, she might have a hot body who knows? I mean hot as in temperature-hot and hence explains the skimpy outfit in winter to cool herself down. Or maybe the skimpy outfit was just to show off a ridiculous tan.
I don't know but I think I've rambled too much on this topic. It was Monday ok? If I didn't think about the above I would be sleeping through the whole day.

Tuesday - I feel like a sheep
It's not everyday that you feel like you don't have any opinion whatsoever. Or even if you do have an opinion it just seems so manipulated by the media. I think I've got an epiphany of sorts on Tuesday. It was all brought about by the Haneef case.

If you're Australian and know about the Haneef case, feel free to skip ahead to the next paragraph. And if you're an Australian and has been living under a rock this past month or don't know who the hell is this Haneef case, read on. Basically, Haneef was an Indian doctor working in the Gold Coast (if I remember right) who was arrested trying to get out of Australia after a failed terrorist attack in the UK. He's a distant cousin of the terrorist and he left his SIM card (for whatever crazy reasons) with his cousins in the UK when he visited them last year.

When I first heard of Haneef's arrest on TV news I jumped straight to the conclusion that he was definitely a terrorist (yeah, whatever happens to "innocence until proven guilty" huh?). But then the whole SIM card thing boiled over and I started to think that he's in fact innocent. And then new "information" would surface about his suspicious online chatting with his brother. What I'm trying to say is a person can only change his/her mind so many times. After the third time I changed my mind I felt manipulated by the media in general. Which is why I made up my mind to carry a ton of salt with me at all times and also restock my skepticism pills.

So is Haneef guilty or innocent? Personally, I don't know. This might just be another Children over-board hype to distract voters from the shit-hole that the current government is burying itself in. In election year no less!

Wednesday - Shocked and appalled by skanky-ass eight-year-old girl
Wednesday, I realized that I am bombarded/surrounded with tiny eight-year-old real life simulations of Paris Hilton. Complete with moronic blond hair, high heel boots, tiny tiny singlets and skirts (in winter) that can barely cover their non-existent humps, slutty walk and let's not forget to mention the must have accessory: a chihuahua.

Ok, I over-exaggerated a bit. There was only one kid and she wasn't holding a chihuahua. But the rest of the above paragraph is an honest, professional amateur blogger observation. I was understandably shocked because who would want to imitate Paris Hilton? True she's only a kid who doesn't know anything or anyone better but I was shocked. I shouldn't be as there are grown women who look up to Paris as their role model too (possibly the chick with the fake tan from Monday). I was appalled because why would a mother let her kid do that to herself?

Thursday - most hated day of the week + iPod went crazy = "best" day of the week
I hate Thursday. It's not because of the day or anything, it's just what I have on the day. Practical sessions for my most hated subjects. It went well this week, I almost start to like this Thursday until my iPod went crazy and declared that it's out of battery when it clearly wasn't.
Luckily, I have my other mp3 players with me so the drive home wasn't that bad/quiet. Once I got home I went to investigate why my iPod went crazy. It's an old iPod, I've had it for a little more than 2 years now so it might just be the age. I came across someone who said that when your iPod does what mine did you should erase all the music in your ipod and reset it. So I did. It went back to normal. However, I underestimated the time it would take to reload all the music back to my iPod. It took an hour to transfer music back on the iPod and it wasn't all the music I had on there before I embarked on erasing the iPod.

Right now, I'm feeling that 20Gig is not big enough. When I first got my iPod I thought I would never fill it up but now I feel like I need 80Gig of memory for all my songs. That's what having an iPod does to you. You have this uncontrollable urge to collect songs that you never listen to more than once from bands you don't even like that much. Even though you don't listen to all the songs on your iPod you don't want to delete them because you keep saying to yourself that I'll get to listening to them one day so what's the point in deleting?

So my point, if I had one to begin with, is that I want another iPod that I don't really need. Which is why I will not get another iPod.

Friday - one word: a w e s o m e
It shouldn't be awesome but it was. Friday is a day that I have 6 hours of chemistry practical (which I like). This week's prac involved synthesising p-Aminobenzoic Acid which at one point during the very long, convoluted prac I have to filter this thick dark brown solution that looks like chocolate at the start but ended up looking like dog shit after all the liquid was sucked out of the solution.
Which made this Friday awesome was an unplanned dinner and movie with my cousin in the city. We went to a Chinese restaurant where the owner spoke Chinese to us which we can totally understand by the way. We saw the Simpsons movie which was awesome.
Bert got to talk to my little sister, they seemed to have gotten on like a house on fire seeing that they're both spoilt youngest siblings.


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