Wednesday, April 25, 2007

the funniest shit I've found so far

Oh god, can there be anything funnier than love god's way? It's a Christian site against what's "bad" (read can potentially turn your kids gay) on the internet.

What started me laughing was CHOPS. CHOPS stands for Christian Homosexuals On Painkillers, just joking, CHOPS stands for Changing Homosexuals into Ordinary People. My take on the abbreviation makes more sense than the actual name I reckon. But anyhow, the band name cracked me up so bad. But that's not what makes this site so fun.

The laugh continued as I read their "gay bands" list. According to this list I might be gay just because I listen to the following bands/artists: Rufus Wainwright, Tegan and Sara, Metallica, Panic! At the Disco...

The list cracked me up and the way they justify the list cracked me up even more

  • Elton John(really gay)
  • Britney Spears(kissed Madonna)
  • The Cure (makeup)
  • Ted Nugent (loincloth)
  • George Michael (texan)
  • Marilyn Manson (dark gay)
  • The Spores (endorse suicide)

  • Jesus, you make the list just because you wear loincloth instead of pants?? And what the hell is dark gay? Since the "gay list" was such a hoot, I went on to the "safe list" and they've got one of my favourite bands in the safe list: The Dresden Dolls. Now I'm confused, The Cure and The Spores are blacklisted because they wear makeup and endorse suicide how come The Dresden Dolls are on the safe list?

    Have these people listened to any of the Dresden Dolls' songs or even seen a picture of the band ever?

    Yes, they're wearing makeup. Run kids coz they're gonna turn you gay.

    After I finished laughing, I started thinking. I think that this website is a big fat joke on the Christian folks. Really, they've got this quote from Oscar Wilde on their page. Everybody knows that Oscar Wilde is as gay as [insert name of the gayest person you know]. And they claim that he's a "reformed homosexual". I don't know about the reformed bit though. All I know is, he got thrown in jail for being gay, lost his money and all that, when he got out of jail he was practically bankrupt, then he died 2 years later. My point is, people remember Oscar Wilde as that gay author who got thrown into jail, and not as an ex-gay.

    A closer look at the list gives me more doubts about this site. They've got Eminem on the gay list and Eminem is homophobic. Or at least I think it's Eminem, they've got Eminmen on the list instead of Eminem.

    But then they've got some bands right though. I know this girl who were straight in year 12 and she's the biggest fan of Queen I know of. She was gay last year. I used the past tense because she might have been just trying to get her "university experience". You know girls usually turn gay when they're in uni and then turn straight when they finish uni. I've never felt that urge if you're thinking about asking.

    Sunday, April 22, 2007

    thoughts on the event of the week

    What a week huh? I was tossing with the idea of doing a post about how "traumertised" I was because of the shooting in Virginia but decided against it. Why bother when everyone's already done that? And why bother to do so when I'm not even disturbed by it?

    Ok, I lied, of course I was slightly disturbed by the shooting. When I heard the news that day, I thought about someone bringing a gun into a packed lecture theatre and starts to shoot everyone. I have a very active imagination when it comes to these things. Couple that with having just finished reading American Psycho in the past month, you get a vivid, coloured picture of carnage and mayhem with surround sound too.

    I guess I'm a bit desensitised about people killing other people. I admit that the shooting is a tragic event, innocent lives lost and all. But think about it, there are people dying around the world everyday because of diseases, starvation, war etc. that could have been prevented too and I don't see a public outcry about it. I guess, innocent American lives lost are more important than innocent African lives lost. However, how does that justify the 3000+ American deaths in Iraq? Where's the public outcry?

    Incredibly enough, people are arguing that to prevent future shootings like this, everyone should be armed. How does that work? Instead of one person with a few guns shooting at a bunch of people without guns we would have a bunch of people shooting at one another in hope of killing the one who fires the first bullet? How does that save lives?

    Monday, April 16, 2007

    Not so pissed

    An update on yesterday's post

    I'm amazed at the power of communication. Really, I am. Yesterday I found out that I have a huge library fine and I was understandably pissed off about it. It was all my fault of course. See how responsible I am accepting the blame for my mistake? I could blame it on the library but I didn't, see?

    Anyhow, after a brief conversation with a librarian I got him to reduce my fine from whatever massive amount it was yesterday to $24 which I might not have to pay afterall. Wow, I really should talk about my problem with whoever can help me more.

    Let's see, I need to tell the police about the idiot who couldn't keep her mouth shut in Biochem lecture who I killed with a shovel last month. Maybe they'll be able to help dispose of the body. Just joking, I'm a bit strange after I finished reading "American Psycho". No wonder they restrict who can buy this book. Which makes it the more disturbing when my old high school let anyone borrow it.

    On with today's wacky stuff, I've got this email regarding my one and only video on Youtube. If you can still remember, it was taken off Youtube last month due to some busybody concerned copyright snitch watchdog. Today I received this email from Youtube:

    Hi there,

    This email is to inform you that your video(s) belonging to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, have been reinstated. Australian Broadcasting Corporation has informed us that the individual submitting the copyright infringement notification was not authorized to act on their behalf. If your account was terminated as a result of this action, it has now been reinstated and the incident will not count against your account's standings.

    YouTube strictly enforces the content removal provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. All takedown requests must be accompanied by a statement that the information in the notification is accurate, and under penalty of perjury, that the complaining party is authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed. This request fulfilled these requirements and the content was removed accordingly.

    Individuals submitting takedown notifications to YouTube are also informed that under Section 512(f) any person who knowingly materially misrepresents that material or activity is infringing may be subject to liability.

    We are constantly working to improve the safe guards in our copyright program and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


    The YouTube Team

    I don't know what else to say about this matter, maybe I should just remove the video altogether. What's the point really when you can download Chaser's episodes legally, albeit in crappy formats, from Chaser's Vodcast page.

    Sunday, April 15, 2007

    The coolest of the cool: Sunshine

    My thoughts on the coolest movie I've seen this year. And no, it's not 300.

    I went to see Sunshine the first chance I got, which was on Friday. I've been waiting for this movie ever since I saw the trailer last month. Am I alone in thinking that the trailer makes you want to see the movie immediately?

    Ok, maybe it's me and me alone. What can I say? I'm a sucker for Scifi movies ever since I saw Alien. Unlike Alien, this movie has way more drama, less homicidal alien organism but there is a homicidal m... oops, almost give the plot away.

    I'm a bit surprised that I like this movie this much, usually I have a thing against movies in which ok, how do I put this without spoiling the whole movie? I have a thing against movies that end like Sunshine but this time I love it. This movie is on my to-buy-DVD-as-soon-as-it-comes-out list.

    This is not the usual scifi movies, the movie makes me question whether it' ok to kill people or allowing people to kill themselves in order to achieve some greater good. This is also a movie about the imperfections of human and it also convinces me that whoever hears "god" in their head is a maniac. Having seen this movie, I want to see "28 days later" now. It looks like a great movie.

    That's it for the review, I know, not a very good review but that's the best I can do when I'm still a little pissed about the library loans and the stolen newspaper. Note to self: you can't do much when you're pissed off.

    While waiting for Sunshine to be shown, I saw a few trailers, I can't believe how many awesome movies that are coming soon. There's Pirates 3 and Spiderman 3. And there's this: The Reaping.

    Looks like a movie that preaches about the Bible. Somehow I know the main character will become a bible thumping, god fearing "scientist" at the end of the movie. Definitely on my don't-see list.

    Current mood: pissed off

    I thought I would feel happy and relaxed after a week of sleeping in and doing whatever I want. However, there is always something to ruin my mood. In this case there are 2 things that undo all the good a week of relaxing had done.

    Some fuckwit stole my weekend newspaper! Or maybe the newspaper delivery guy did his job like a fuckwit. Weekend newspaper is the reason why I manage to wake up on weekends. And someone had to steal it. If this ever happens again you bet your ass I'm gonna camp outside my house and catch that thieving bastard. What is wrong with people? Can't they just buy their own newspaper? In the off chance that the delivery person didn't do his/her job properly, I will camp outside and give that idiot an earful. I don't appreciate having to spend 5 minutes hunting for my newspaper every weekend on my front lawn like a stupid kid hunting for Easter eggs, I don't appreciate having all my my parents' roses decapitated ruined by having rolled-up newspapers thrown at, I don't appreciate having to clean up the mess said ruined roses made and I certainly DON'T appreciate not having my newspaper delivered at all when I paid for it already.

    The second thing is library loans. Stupid library loans. My uni library has these one week loan, and usually before the holidays they will change the due date to whenever we get back. But they didn't do it this time, and stupid me, I assumed that they changed the due date. Now I have to pay $100 for late fine. What I can say about this is FUCK.

    Friday, April 13, 2007

    This kid rocks!

    That's all I can say, and she's so cute too.

    Wednesday, April 11, 2007

    What I'm listening to

    Just a boring post on what's on my playlist.

    Bands currently on my playlist: Modest Mouse, NIN

    I just found out a few days ago that NIN's new album is coming out this week. And I found that out by browsing torrents. I must say torrents are the best thing ever invented since the internet. A leak of NIN's album is up before it's even released (wow!) and to counteract this NIN has put the whole album up on the internet for fans to listen to. Isn't that great? Now I can listen to the album before it's released LEGALLY until it's released in Australia. So far, it's an awesome album.

    On the topic of soon to be released album, Linkin' Park's got one that's gonna be released next month. The first single is just a typical Linkin' Park song.

    NIN - survivalism

    Linkin' Park - what I've done

    Monday, April 09, 2007

    WTF moment of the week

    I usually don't reveal plots of movies that I've seen on my blog but I'll make an exception for this one: The Wicker Man. This movie makes me mad. So mad that it makes the my WTF moment of the week. Even over 300. Even over the incidence in which my jacket got blessed.

    Since I've got a week of holiday for Easter, I went on a rented-movie marathon, a video games marathon, and a whole day of reading fictions. Anyhow, The Wicker Man was in the marathon and it was one horrible movie.

    First, it's a thriller that has no thrills. It's completely transparent that you can see the plot from the moment Nicholas Cage's character stepped on the damn island. An island?? Any horror/thriller that involves an island, there's got to be some psycho involved.

    However, what pissed me off about this movie were not the above. They were:

    • The island people have this whole matriarchal society thing going on and it's quite refreshing to see a reversal of what usually goes on in normal society. Men on the island were breeding stocks and second-class citizens. That was fun to watch but they had to go and turn all those women into homicidal, sacrifice-killing, man-burning pagans. Why why why?!
    • Nicholas Cage's character died in the end. It would be ok with me, if he managed to stop all those crazy pagans and died in the effort. But he died and didn't make any difference. His death was completely gratuitous. The homicidal pagans go on luring men to their island to kill and I wasted 100 minutes of watching this and nothing is resolved. I hate it when movies end like this.

    Wednesday, April 04, 2007

    I have to concur, it's just sickening

    Easter's coming and despite everything, I found myself feeling glad there's a holiday because of Easter. Seriously, I don't mind Easter at all. I even found myself agreeing with Edward Egan, an American Cardinal, this Easter. Strange huh?

    Before I go on with this, I know that Bread, my friend, wants no more of my atheist rants but, can I at least rant once in a while since I haven't done so for quite some time now? Read on by all mean Bread coz I find this quite funny too.

    With that out of the way, let's get on with this yummy, yummy piece of Jesus. It seems Jesus has stolen centre stage this Easter instead of Jesus. Ok, that didn't come out right, what I meant was that this guy

    Has stolen the limelight from this guy

    The first picture is of a life size, three-dimensional sculpture of Jesus from Cosimo Cavallaro. The sculpture is named, very appropriately, as "My Sweet Lord". And before you ask it, yes, Jesus is naked. Maybe that's why Catholics were outraged, maybe. Personally, I think they should thank Cavallaro, he has made Jesus edible and chocolate is way better than bread and wine.

    However, they were outraged nonetheless, my pal Cardinal Egan has slammed this as "sickening" and "one of the worst assaults on Christian sensibilities ever". I just couldn't help agreeing with him.

    Firstly, it's just absolutely sickening. The sculpture weighs 91 kilograms. That's 91 kg of dark chocolate. I can't get through one of those chocolate bunnies let alone a Jesus. I get a chocolate overdose if I eat too much chocolate. Here are some symptoms of chocolate overdose (for me): hyperactive, nose bleeds, acne**, fat deposits, weight gain, skinny jeans into the bin. I know, it's just sickening.

    Secondly, this has dealt a bad blow to "Christian sensibilities". So bad a blow that Cavallaro has received death threat because of this. Catholics, think sensibly, death threat because of a bloody sculpture out of chocolate? You should be thankful he didn't do a sculpture out of some other materials like onion or bullshit. What can you expect out of the sensibilities that brought about two centuries of Crusades for a bloody piece of supposedly "holy" land? Really, what did you expect?

    Miscellaneous information: There's a song from ex-Beatles George Harrison called "My Sweet Lord". I suppose it's only appropriate (mainly because of the name) that this is included in this post.

    Sunday, April 01, 2007


    Today I found myself too lazy to write full sentences. Really, I can't write full sentences anymore after... Goddammit, I'm writing full sentences aren't I? Damn, why do I have to contradict myself? Anyhow, too lazy, can't write full sentences, will write in lists & dot points. Pierce the meanings together for yourselves

    Happened this week (in no particular order):

    • Battlestar Galactica S4 finale

    • Starbuck's alive (yay!)

    • Chaser's back with an awesome episode.

    • Finally finished reading "The hundred secret senses".

    • Discovered an awesome band: "The Dresden Dolls"

    • "Thank God you're here"'s back today

    • Hick's guilty (surprise surprise!!)

    Currently reading:
    • The God of small things

    • The year of wonders

    • Postcards

    • American Psycho

    • The historian

    • the shipping news

    • The god delusion

    Multimedia stuffs for this week:

    • Dresden dolls' Shores of California (audio only)

    • Shores of California (live)

    • Pirates of the Caribbean 3 trailer

    Now I need to get back to finishing American Psycho. Will let you know my feelings about this book. So far, it's one fracked up book.


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