Sunday, February 26, 2006


It's been a while. Again. The most exciting event this past week was uni orientation. "Exciting" is not actually the right word. "Boring" is. What I got out of O-week, or rather O-half week [thanks to the Commonwealth Games]? Well, the lecturers kept on repeating that uni will be very different from highschool [like we don't already work that one out, what's the use of having a different name when it's not at all different?] and the student rep left an impression that uni is just like highschool but you can get drunk on a regular basis. They have this club that get together every 2 week and basically get wasted for the whole day. Now THAT is very good for the liver.
That's basically it. Oh, I forgot, a few people thought that I was Chinese, a few people are convinced that I'm an international student and I couldn't understand my Indian instructor! I wouldn't be surprise if one of these days I speak with Indian accent.

Crisis of the week: iTunes fucked up my iPod playlists and mlipod refused to transfer songs from iPod to my computer. For future reference: NEVER TURN ON ITUNES AND WINAMP SIMULTANEOUSLY
Thought of the week: blah blah blah... boring boring boring... blah blah blah... boring boring boring
Currently listening to: The Living End's new album "State of Emergency"

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