Thursday, August 31, 2006

Is God an idiot?

I haven't post anything that has anything to do with religions lately so it's about time I post something. That was what I thought this morning, however I had nothing to write about. I had nothing until I came across this post by James Love at the Huffington Post.

A week ago, Joe Scarborough asked, "is Bush an idiot?" With the world reeling toward ever increasing intolerance, hate and violence, led by persons who express knowledge of "God's will," we might ask, "Is God an idiot?"

George Bush, the person running the US foreign policy like an idiot, claims that God is directing his actions.

Tony Blair, who never seemed like an idiot before, has thrown his career and reputation away, reportedly because of his deep religious faith. Why is God telling Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair to invade and occupy Iraq? Why is God telling Mr. Bush to sanction torture, or degrading the use of diplomacy?

Terrorism, as is defined these days, is much about people carrying out "Gods will." Osama Bin Laden claims to speak on behalf of God when he urges attacks on civilians.

Mahmood Ahmadinezhad, the devout Shia who is president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, appears to be pushing for new nuclear arsenals, and raising the prospects for war in the middle east.

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the "deeply religious" leader of Hezbollah, is now a hero among many Muslims for provoking a shooting war with Israel. "If you hit Beirut, the Islamic resistance will hit Tel Aviv and is able to do that with God's help," he said.

Israel's aggressive bombing of Lebanon, including countless civilian casualties, is yet another chapter of recent warfare that is based upon religious differences.

Iraq is falling apart, as warfare between Suni and Shia populations are killing thousands per month.

If these conflicts are motivated and directed by persons who pray and listen to God, what does it say about God these days? Or about anyone who claims that God is helping or urging them to wage war or kill?

How is it, that in 2006, we see political leaders of all types claiming that brutality, murder and warfare are "God's will"?

Why are we so defenseless in challenging such ridiculous claims? How have we let religion become a tool to justify the least productive, most foolish, and least moral courses of action?

Do we need a "smarter" God? A "smarter" public? Leaders who can discuss the consequences of hatred, intolerance, violence and warfare in a world that is searching for moral outcomes?

I don't know about you but I'm just sick and tired of politicians claiming that God directs their actions. Is it because they want to appeal to the religious population or is it just a way to say "if anything goes wrong, blame God coz he told me to do it?". By the way, can you sue anyone who claims that God directs his actions? Let's say, for example, I go out and kill an atheist and then claim that God told me to do so. Can I be persecuted? I certainly will be. Bush is getting away with it and we normal people can't. Where's the justice in that?

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