Thursday, March 19, 2009

thoughts after 2 weeks of uni and other tidbits

I was looking forward to going back to uni after 3 weeks of placement. After 2 weeks of uni, I can't wait for this whole "best year of your life" to be over. Have you ever thought about all the best years people always tell you to enjoy? Like year 12 and first year of uni? I never seem to be able to discern why they call hellish years the best when I was going through them. They only seem good in retrospect. So right now I think this year sucks major hairy balls infested with lice. Ask me again in 10 years.

I bought another ipod. I know, I've already got 3 ipods and only one set of ears. It was a birthday present, albeit from me to myself. It's the product of one of my usual online shenanigans on eBay. I go into auctions and bid on an item to see how far the snipers are gonna go to buy the item. Most of the time the items went for a few hundred dollars more than my bid. Sometimes I got bitten in the ass. Twice actually. The first time was with my mobile phone. I needed a new phone at the time so I paid for it. The second time was the iPod touch. I didn't need it but I freaking want it. So I bought it. And the iPod touch was freaking awesome! After it's jailbroken that is.

I got a bit addicted to downloading and trying out apps. I've got 2 apps that imitate gun sounds how does that come in handy I don't know. You can use one as a bullet-less Russian roulette but what is the point of that? There's an 3 apps that generate Binaural beats which are supposed to get your brain into different states but if anyone knows how human ears work they would know that we cannot hear those frequency so if the apps work at all it would be because of placebo effect.
Games are fun and addictive which is why I don't have a lot of them. "Denying-pleasure" isn't my middle name but it might as well be.

The other Nuh-guy-an girl had a lot of fun playing Tap Tap Revenge. She's got a thing for games like DDR or Guitar hero. I think I might have a deafness to rhythm or something (i.e. inability to coordinate my fingers which can be some sort of neurological problem). Due to my lack of coordination and/or rhythm I tend to go for puzzles and that sort of games which bring me to this awesomely looking puzzle the Doodler gave me. Thanks Doodler, it kept me occupied for a whole 15 minutes.

What else did I want to talk about? Facebook. I don't advertise the fact that I have a facebook account. It's been there for probably a year. Gathering dust and not friends. It was a result of curiosity. I wanted to know what with this facebook thing people are all crazy about (you know when people are crazy about something when Mel & Koche on Sunrise talk about it incessantly). So I signed up, came to a conclusion that facebook is just another way to get harassed "stay connected to friends and family" online and promptly left it. Unexpectedly in the past week people have been adding me as friend on facebook. Since everytime someone does that an email get sent to my email and I am notified electronically that I am, in fact, not that person's mortal enemy. It would seem impolite to not accept the friendship requests you can add me as friend if you can find me but I appologise in advance for never replying to "poke" or whatever gross/cute/intriguing things that facebookers do.

In response to requests for more posting on this blog, I've succumbed to the new "cool" thing on the internet: Twitter. I think I ranted about microblogging a few years back, I can't remembered what I said exactly but the gist of it was rather negative. So that's me swallowing my words. Yet again. Now there's the quick update on the right hand side of the blog or you can follow it on my Twitter page. It is guaranteed to be updated daily, if not more frequent.

Something I heard in some current affair show on TV last week got me thinking; since when did "dedicated" means "not well trained"? The show was about teachers in special schools. The verbatim quote was "We have a team of dedicated but highly trained teachers". I think I'm just nitpicking.

Oh, before I go, a pic a day is back for a while due to limited interesting pictures. I do need to get out more. But that can wait until after June. Here's something to look forward to, I'll post some interesting music mix in a couple of days.

Adios amigos

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