Saturday, January 14, 2006

Important researches in Southern Ocean

Seriously, I believe that the Japanese thinks that we are all idiots. Firstly, what kind of "scientific research" that can be done on DEAD subjects? Maybe how can dead mammals turn into zombies and I think that cannot be classified as "scientific". And how many whales do they need for their research anyway? As many as they want? Until there's no whales left? If they want to do their so-called "research", at least they have to have a limit on the number of whales they need. And what the hell are they researching again? I've never heard of the name of their research project, if they're doing any "researching" at the moment, I think this is a list of the possible projects:

  1. How gullible is the whole world.

  2. How many tonnes of whale meat they can disguise as "scientific research"

  3. How tough are the GreenPeace guys

  4. How many whales they can turn into sushi before there's no whales left.

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