Sunday, January 01, 2006

the newest LITTLE thing in my life this year

Well, if you can call a near heart attack "LITTLE" and a "thing" then read on.
Everything was because of my new mobile and my stupidity basically. I got a new phone so I figured I'll enable the PIN feature just in case someone steals it from me I misplace it and someone picks it up and forgets to give it back. So there I was "happy as a lark" setting up the PIN and forgot the damn PIN after a week.
Today, when I was recording a short video with my phone the damn phone crashed and since I was such a "computer wiz" and know everything you have to do when a computer crashes is to press the restart button. I found no restart button on my phone but there was a power off button which would do just as nicely. And it did. It worked perfectly and asked me for my PIN which I had forgotten.
After my 3 pathetic attempt at remembering the PIN and failed to. The phone displayed: "Enter PUK". By this time I was thinking, well, PUK is near enough to PIN since they share the P. So I continued on trying to enter the possible PIN. Apparently PUK is like a back up plan for the PIN and if you enter the PUK wrong 10 times your SIM's dead meat. I didn't know that!! After trying for another 5 times without any success I jumped on the internet. Ater some serious googling I found out what the heck PUK is and I was on the verge of PUKing when I found that out (joking :)). If I enter the PUK thing wrong for another 5 times apparently the SIM will self destruct. Nothing dramatic like it'll explode in my face or anything, just I will lose all my prepaid credit, all the stuff I store in the SIM and my phone number too since I'll have to buy a new SIM. So I called service provider for my PUK so my SIM didn't have to commit seppuku. Phew!
So the moral of the story is:

  • never set a PIN that you cannot remember or

  • never set a PIN at all.

That's it the most dramatic incident of the year (so far)

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