Thursday, June 28, 2007

changes - surprises

Today's theme seems to be surprises. Actually, it's the theme of the week. It started out as an innocent offline message from a friend from deep past wanting to meet me and introduce me to her husband. Fine, ok I'll go but I need to get my opinion known on this blog (which I will not give her the address) that I think you're crazy marrying before you turn at least 25. That's building up to be the awkward conversation of the year, if not the decade, for me.

And that is only the start of the surprises. Today, I found out that another (not close friend) is engaged to her long time boyfriend. First off, that is 2 surprises right there. One: I didn't even know she has a boyfriend at all (as I am not a close friend obviously). Two: engagement when you haven't yet finished the second year of uni? Granted that this "engagement" might turn out to be nothing, it's still crazy.

Third on the list of surprises: Paris found God in prison. First, I thought God was supposed to be everywhere, why do you have to go to prison to find him? And really why not the special places that were built specifically for people to find God? This is really a huge surprise for me, more so than the married and the engaged friends. I feel like the rug has been pulled from underneath my feet. If there is anything in this world I can depend on it is "Paris is a stupid airhead who has no talents and goes to too many parties". OK, I exaggerated a bit, that and "the sun will rise tomorrow" and "channel 9 breakfast show makes me wanna go back to bed". From the interview she did with Larry King, I feel that I can no longer depend on that fact. Why oh why? Why Paris, why do you change on me? You are the one that I can always depend on to cheer me up because no matter how fucked-up I become I can't beat you in that department. That was very comforting for me and now you've announced that you've reformed and you found, of all people, God.

OK, I've finished being sarcastic, I think it's a good thing Paris is out of prison and is cleaning up her acts. At the very least we will not have to put up with more tabloid news about Parison (Paris + prison = Parison). Now we have to put up with tabloid news about Paris going to churches. I wonder how is she gonna squeeze church time in her busy party calendar. Maybe if you hold parties at churches then she can do two things at one time.

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