Saturday, January 26, 2008

In which I become economical with my effort (translation: lazy) and post a whole bunch of posts in one post

So what I've noticed recently that I've been posting less and less. It's got nothing (ok, maybe a little) to do with the lack of exciting things that are going on in my life and a lot with my lack of willingness to expend effort in typing up short posts right after whatever exciting things that happened. I have no problem typing them in one huge post. So here goes the collection of possibly short posts.
I am accused of being Un-Australian by my own sister
Gee, controversy on my blog! Gee, the drama! The Alarmist called me un-Australian because I typed "mom" instead of "mum".

I am an Australian last time I checked. I've got a piece of paper with my old name on it which says that I'm an Australian citizen. However, before I am an Australian, I am an Asian. I'm an Asian-Australian. What does that mean you might ask, well that means Pauline Hanson hates my ass and I have a quality that possibly all Asians are born with: being stingy economical.

This post is a testament to the innate thriftiness, I'm being thrifty economical with my effort. Too bad I can't be economical with my spendings. I was being economical with my effort with the "mom" thing as well. If you can touch type you'll probably know that you use your right index finger to press both the keys for the letters M and U. Now look down at your keyboard and note the position of those keys. They're on different rows. To type "mum" your index finger has to travel from "m" all the way to "u" and then back to "m" again. That's a lot of distance to travel. In the case of typing "mom" your index finger doesn't even have to move from the "m" key as the "o" is pressed by the ring finger. So it's faster to type "mom" than to type "mum".


Drinkin 2 litres of water a day can prevent lots of condition
So I've just started working casually recently and one of many gems I've picked up lately is drinking water is good for you. Apparently it does wonders to your skin, prevent constipation (as long as you eat lots of fibre together with drinking lots of water) haemorrhoids (what is it you may ask, trust me, it's something you rather not have. Ever.) and urinary tract infection.
See the wonders of water? 2 litres per day, no less.


WTF moment of the week: Love Seat Toilet
On a related note to the above advice on water consumption, let's talk about toilets. My sister found this thing randomly and my thought was "what the hell?"

Why anyone on this rapidly-becoming-less-green earth would want to kiss while doing number 1 or number 2 for that matter escapes me. Maybe they likes the smell? Some people have messed-up fetishes, remember the 2 girl one cup thing? I rest my case.


WBC nuts planned to picket the funeral of Heath Ledger

According to the following flyer, these nuts are serious about this.

I hope some Ledger's fans kick their ass, literally. What the heck is picketing at someone's funeral gonna achieve? I hope someone with enough time to spare comes up with a group that picket at every picketing events these WBC nuts' are gonna do. Show them how it feels to have an annoying group of loud mouths constantly irritating them.


Recommended movies

Last week I saw 3 movies in cinema on 3 consecutive days, the most I've seen in one week. Some recommendations:

Awesomely cute movie. It's got nominated for a bunch of Oscars too so you won't feel guilty for seeing a sort-of teen flick. After that go buy the equally awesomely cute soundtrack.

American gangsters
I thought this was good. I usually don't like movies based on real events but this one is quite enjoyable.

No country for old men

I was excited to see this movie as I read book. Speed read actually which was why the ending didn't make much sense and I was being economical with my effort yet again and didn't go back to re-read to make sense. The movie didn't clarify much for me. It's a good thriller. Read the book first though.

Some other movies I saw on DVD last week that's worth mentioning:

Thank you for smoking
Very funny movie by the director of Juno. Watch it and gain a new appreciation for spin doctors.


First time I saw the trailer I thought that the movie was dumb and the title for the movie actually described the content. I waited until last week to check out the movie. I still think that it's a dumb movie, so do the American Pie movies, being a dumb movie doesn't mean that it can't be funny. Watch it if you absolutely don't have anything else to watch or if you feel that Michael Cera didn't get a big enough role in Juno.



What's more funny than out-of-the-context quotes hey?

"He was so gay, I couldn't look at him straight".
- My friend, Umbrella, on a possibly gay teacher in our high school.

"So that's what you get from having sex with your pets."
- The Alarmist, after finding out that you can get Tinea from your pets and there's a disease called Tinea of the groin.

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