Friday, January 11, 2008

on the absence of atheistic rants

My blog is listed in an atheist blog ring. I daresay most of the traffic to my blog is generated from that blog ring. I feel bad for the people clicking on the link to my blog hoping to read opinionated atheistic thoughts on the bible, religion and god. I haven't done much of that last year. So here are the 2 main reasons why:

1. I'm not very good with putting my opinion down in words. I can do a passable job after 5-6 edits but I'm rather lazy and never do 5-6 edits per post before posting. I attempted several posts during the year but always ended up deleting everything because they sounded so stupid.

2. I had a period of self-doubt. No, it's not that God appeared to me and proved his existence or anything. I just felt that if I vehemently deny the existence of a god, it would be just the same as any fundie vehemently maintains that god does exist. I would be just as fanatical as any fundie even though I have somewhat tangible reasons to deny god's existence.
I also doubted whether I hate the organised religion part or the god part. I think I hate the former. God isn't evil, god isn't good either, nobody knows what god is. People who claim to know what god is are the people who write the bible and other religious texts which claim to be the words of god. No doubt people do crazy things because they are motivated by what these texts say, that doesn't make god evil. It only demonstrates the huge capacity to influence people by what human centuries ago put in god's mouth. Conversely, people doing good things while motivated by their religion doesn't make god good.
I didn't see the point in ridiculing what is documented in the bible anymore (which was what I did for a time). What good does it make if I do so? Everybody knows it's a human's text. Nobody can verify if it's comes from the god's own mouth. Besides, other atheist bloggers have been doing it way before me and with much more articulated thought.
I didn't see the point in posting crazy sermons and other crazy shits the crazy fundies are up to. What can that do? If you're a fundie already, my adding my own sarcastic comments beneath the embedded video wouldn't change your way of thinking. If you're doubting religions already you would just have a chuckle to yourself.
So I guess what I've been trying to say is that I've mellowed out, became more cynical and realised that I'm somewhere in between being an agnostic and an atheist during the last year which contributes to not posting much about atheism.

Side note: If the post doesn't make sense, I've just demonstrated reason number 1. I didn't do any edits on this.

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