Wednesday, April 30, 2008

weird things I've been doing recently

Yo, I was gonna post something that I thought was an awesome blog idea when I was writing it in my diary but then something got lost in the transition process from paper to digital and it reads like an emo kid rambling so that plan was scratched until I can de-emolified that post that is.

OK weird things I've realised recently:

I'm addicted to It all started after posting that picture of the contents of my bag a while ago. It's quite a rage in It's actually awesome. Take a look at this. Read all the notes. Isn't that awesome? Ok, maybe not, it's a bad example. Just search for something along the line of "what's in my bag" in flickr and you'll be on your way to an obsession. I got over the bag contents obsession a few days ago after I substituted one addiction for another (harm reduction in action yay!) by getting myself addicted to pictures of people's desks.

Which brings me to the picture at the beginning of the post. Why did I post it? Well, when you have nothing to post, anything is posting-material. That and I thought my table was messy enough to be cool. What can you do with that picture? Well, at the very least you can play "I spy" with it. I'll get you started, try to find
1. A handheld gaming device
2. All 3 of my ipods.

What's next. I've recently discovered my ability to stay up really late. It's got nothing to do with ability actually. It's got a lot to do with flickr addiction/obsession and being too tired and too lazy to move myself from my desk to my bed (wow that almost rhyme) which is literally 2 metres away.

How can you be too lazy to go to bed you might ask. Well, I have rituals I have to do before going to bed or else I'd feel weird in bed. Rituals like doing 30 crunches and then apply all the moisturising stuff so that my skin stay hydrated and then there's the eye-drops so that my only pair of eyes would be hydrated. The weather really fracks me up lately.

All in all that would take a few minutes but when you're too tired a few minutes doing that seem like a few hours. And then I have to choose the music I'd drift to sleep to (one of the perks of having 3 ipods and have recently overcome my fear of running out of battery: one ipod stays on my bed side table/stand/drawer all the time). Pre-bed is an exhausting business I tell ya. Right this moment, I'm delaying going to bed because I'm extremely warm at my table and my bed is probably extremely cold, that and the dreaded pre-bed rituals.

Last weird thing, I'm reading again and guess what I'm reading? A travel guide for Southern France. Why is that weird? Well, for one: I have no intention of visiting France, Southern or Northern or Eastern or Western for that matter, in the near future. And two: the guide book was published in 1926 (fact: it's actually older than my parents, almost as old as my grandmother). I got it from a secondhand bookstore because I liked the feel of the book. It's got a very bible-like feel to it (Let's just say I'm an appreciator of good paper in books) without being a bible. I find that it has a calmative effect on me when I read the "guides".

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