Thursday, September 21, 2006

On runny noses

One of the many lessons I've learned over the years is that the weather NEVER accommodate me. Take this week for example, Sunday it rained so on Monday I brought an umbrella and almost broke my back doing so (as I also had to returned 3 big ass hard back books to the uni library) and it didn't rain. Tuesday it was hot as hell and I was stuck with my winter jacket. Wednesday it was cold and I was wearing light clothing. With this crazy weather, no wonder I'm sick.

I don't mind being sick once in a while really but I do mind runny noses very much. They make me feel so insecure. Every time I'm sick my nose's gonna run like the bloody Niagra fall. I have to blow your nose every 5 minutes or so and that does so much damage to my nicely moisturised nostrils. And that's not all, I spend so much time worrying when the snot's gonna get out of my control and just run down. That's not a pretty picture is it?

It seems that I'm not the only one that's sick at this time of the year. Everyone's sick or everyone in the *cough* quiet *cough* study area is. What's more annoying that people talking in quiet study area is people blowing their nose noisily in quiet study area. Some people take only one second to blow their nose and I fall into that category. I hate to disrupt other people so I'm usually quick about it. Others, well, everytime they blow their nose, it's like trying to start a very old car, in other words, it takes at least a minute of the very annoying sound of slimy liquids being push out of the nose cavity with the sheer force of air from the lungs.

Every time I'm sick it usually like this, runny nose then blocked nose then finished. So after 2 bloody days of blowing my nose dry I got to the stage of complete blockage. I'm not sure which I hate more, blocked nose is very inconvenient especially after I have to 20 metres at my top speed (which isn't much I can tell you) to catch a train. I think I can sympathise with asthma sufferer about not being able to breathe. I'm so glad I don't have asthma.

If I'm lucky, I get well after a week without any medications except for a Panadol or two for the headaches. And I usually do so, however, my mum seems to think that you need anibiotics for every known illness. Her cure-all, miracle med at the moment is Biaxig. She loves them and every time I'm sick she'll shove a few my way. Of course, being the educated, health-concious freak that I am I can't resist telling her that she's killing my immunity. However, being my mother she doesn't listen to me. What can I do?

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