Thursday, October 11, 2007

Because you can't go wrong with black and other things before I go on a study hiatus

Yeah, change of colour theme yet again. I got sick of it so it's gonna be a little black from now until I have time to fix up a few things and add a banner. Why black huh? Because you can't go wrong with black as long as you're not the bride in a wedding.

Cleveland school shooting.
Anyone heard of this? I got up today, went to get breakfast and that was the first thing on the news on Sunrise. As normal, my response to such news was "Oh wow, shooting at a highschool, who would have thought that is possible when there are guns abound". So I was "surprised". Anyway, what got me watching this piece of news, besides the fact that I hate Channel 9 breakfast show and I hate the retarded Toasted show on channel 10, was that Sunrise had a correspondence in Cleveland and he said something to the effect of: the shooter was described as a Marilyn Manson type who usually wore trench coats.

So there you have it, how to avoid being shot in a high school in the US, avoid Marilyn Manson types who wear trench coats. They hide weapons in there. Let's go bash the shit out of those Marilyn Manson types who wear trench coats so that they'll think twice before going on a shooting rampage huh. Ok, seriously now, do we need to point fingers to the type of music people listen to to justify what they do?

Sudanese immigrants issue
If you don't follow this issue, it's time you do, it's an election year after all. To start with, read this article and then read the related links on the page. What I don't get about this issue is what's the point of holding a press conference to announce that we would cut down the number of Sudanese immigrants? I've never heard of a news conference announcing an increase in the number of Sudanese immigrants in the past, why one now, on an election year no less? One can't help but wondering along the line of the famous "children overboard" incidence.

Vote for me, I'll reconcile with the people I've been refusing to reconcile with since I've been Prime Minister.
Desperate much Mr. Howard? Note, he promised "to hold a referendum on recognising Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders in the constitution as the first Australians" within 18 months if his party is elected again. Also note, he also said in the past something about giving up the prime minister position within an amount of time after the last election. See where that promise has gotten Peter Costello. Me? I have low expectation of what any politician promise.

Radiohead - In rainbows
Today is like the day the last Harry Potter book hit the shelves for Radiohead fans. It's all over the music blogs. Every single blog has something to write about "In rainbows", some has several things to write about that album. Mostly praise, I've yet to see a complaint.
I've heard the new album, I was quite underwhelmed by it, what's with all the hype? I probably should give it a few more spins but so far, I have yet to find a song I like on the record.

Possible blogging hiatus coming up
It's that time of the year again. Back in May I took the whole month off blogging. I might not do the same this time around though, all depends on whether I have anything to say or not. Expect some infrequent blogging in the coming month. Will be back with something new after the damn exams.

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