Sunday, October 21, 2007

So did anyone watch the "great" debate tonight?

I did. For those who didn't watch it here is how it went:

Howard: tax cuts, interest rates will go up under Labor, Labor is controlled by trade unionists, more tax cuts if we are elected, Labor = bad, more tax cuts, Labor = worse, workplace agreement = the way to go, Labor = worst....

Rudd: tax cuts, invest in education, Howard = bad economic management, Liberal = bad, Liberal = liars, global warming, tax cuts, unionists = might be good, Liberal = worse, workplace agreement = the way to hell, Liberal = evil liars....

And that was pretty much what went on while I did pay attention to what being said before I lost interest and paid more attention to the graph thingy and then eventually to how funny Kevin Rudd's chin looked when he talked. Seriously, his chin was very funny in the debate. Howard attracted my attention too even though his chin was absolutely normal, his mouth was weird when he talked. I'm convinced that it was because of the dentures he wears. Do you know why I was convinced of this? The Alarmist didn't stop talking about dentures a while back and all I can remember about all those dentures talks was that Howard has dentures.

While we're on the topic of dentures, here's a pair of them, hand made by the Alarmist, photographed by the Alarmist. And yes, she did buy a camera phone to take pictures of wonderful things that she sees everyday while walking around or working in the dental hospital. One fine example of the wonderful things she sees everyday is below.

Back on the topic of the great debate. I think the audience was very biased, every time Rudd started talking the graph would shoot up even before he stated any point. Both of them raised some good questions when I did pay attention. I thought I've made up my mind about voting already, now I'm sure I need to do more research on this. I thought that Howard raised a good point when he said that if Labor wins it would be Labor all the way from Fedral to State government. It might not necessarily be bad though, at least they won't be constantly at one another's throats with politicking.

One thing I got out of the brief (1 hour) time that I watched this debate business, I have a new appreciation for politicians. I admire, yes, ADMIRE their composure. If it was me in Howard or Rudd's shoes I would be strangling the other debater and yelling out obscenities instead of politely objecting.

To way more interesting and way shorter "debate" watch Rudd vs. Howard hip-hop battle below. Check out Peter Costello ello ello eh eh eh at the end too. Brilliant!

That's it for this post, I need to go to sleep and do some more studying tomorrow.

Extra features (well aren't you lucky my readers)

If I were a drug I would be....

An ACE Inhibitor. These drugs are amazing! They reduce both preload and afterload, they are used in all sort of diseases under the sun. OK seriously only in Hypertension, Heart Failure, Severe Heart Failure, Acute heart failure, and after myocardial infarction but that's a shitload of serious conditions already. And as a side effect you don't have to take potassium supplement. Yay, no bananas for me (I hate them!).

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