Friday, October 26, 2007

I'm supposed to be on hiatus but I need a mental health break from Candida Albicans and their wonderful eukaryotic relatives to bring you these

Why is the Alarmist nicknamed that way
This happened last week I think. The Alarmist came home and said to me: "Oh my god, I'm so relieved, I thought I had mouth cancer but it turned out OK". Since I've already named her "the Alarmist" on my blog I was well aware of her tendency to be alarmed not alert and my reaction to her comment was rolling my eyes crazily in their sockets and ask perfectly calmly "Why did you figure that?". And her answer was "I had this white patch on the side of my tongue and it wouldn't come off. And a white patch that doesn't come off is usually the first sign of mouth cancer. I was freaking out I wasn't sure what to do. Should I go get a biopsy, should I go to an oncologist, should I go straight to the dental hospital or should I go to my dentist to get a referral to the dental hospital. And then the next day the patch disappeared."

And that is why she is called the Alarmist.

OiNK is slaughtered
If you don't know what OiNK is, it's only this tiny community of like-minded individual hell-bent on sharing high quality, often lossless, music files against minor details such as legality and copyright laws. OiNK was actually where leaked albums usually turn up first if they were in high enough bitrate. Anyhow, OiNK got shut down, big surprise there and the people who were on OiNK have been grieving ever since. Me? If I was a member I would have been sad too but sadly, I wasn't. Didn't know anyone who could invite me and besides what's the fuss with high quality MP3 files? If you're downloading illegal music to have a try before buying the actual album why bother with high bitrate?
Another OiNK will turn up somewhere eventually. Piracy will never die! In the mean time, let's all flock to Demonoid for our illegal download fix.


GOD is for real.
Seriously, want proof? You know the bush fires in Southern California? That is God's work according to some wack-job fundamentalist (via Pandagon). Apparently, that's his wrath going around in California because they approved of a bill that allows same sex marriage. I wonder what was Katrina. Was that also God's wrath? If God was real and was really angry with the gay people he would have burnt down West Hollywood, you know where all the "scary" gay people live.
In the latest news, it looks like the Californian police shot dead a "god" and arrested a few more "gods" for setting off those fires (link). See, even "god" can't escape the police for unleashing his wrath on California. Apparently, the police refer to these "gods" as arsonists. See why loony fundamentalists are lunatics? Confusing arsonists' work for god's wrath.
Anyway, if fundamentalists' proclamations are to be skeptically considered, I think the fires are gonna burn themselves out soon coz God needs his wrath back to direct it at Tuscany. Apparently they're gonna run this ad campaign which suggests that Homosexuality is not a choice.
And of course the Catholic church has something to say about this. Well, several somethings actually: exploitation of babies (gee, what about those child soldiers in Africa?); "bad taste" (dead man on a cross, good taste much?); "erroneous" (hey at least they have some questionable scientific proofs, what do you have?).
And the funniest shit I've read today from The Catholic News Agency

The Catholic Church teaches that a homosexual orientation is not sinful, but instead disordered. It is homosexual sex acts that are considered sinful.

So if you happen to be gay it's OK as long as you don't have sex. Awesome! I'll go tell all the gay people that they can go to heaven if they don't have sex.

Somehow the quote makes sense too. Wanting to kill somebody is not sinful, it's "disordered". The act of killing somebody is considered sinful. So just plot away, as long as you're not killing anyone it's ok.

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