Wednesday, November 21, 2007

5 things I have done this past one and a half week

So I've heard a few complaints about the lack of posting. OK, one complaint in fact but writing "a few" makes it look like I have a large number of readers who are upset by the fact that I haven't been posting nearly as frequently as they like.

1. Finished reading Oryx & Crake by Margaret Atwood. This is a huge achievement for me because I haven't been achieving anything lately so comparing to not achieving anything, achieving something is HUGE. Anyhow, Margaret Atwood was my most hated, hated author in year 11 because of a book I had to read, "The Handmaid's Tale". I'm sure I would enjoy that book very much now but at the time not only did I not enjoy the fracking book, I had to write an essay on it in which I had to pretend to like the book. It was hard, I didn't like things that are hard or "challenging" when I'm not good at doing such things in the first place. But Oryx & Crake turned me around. Man oh man, Margaret Atwood has some wicked imagination. Possibly the second best book I've read this year, the best one being Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. Read it if you have a chance or are interested in the ramification of human playing god through genetic manipulations.

2. I voted. Yeah, I voted before the ballot day. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision. I was with a friend who will be away on the ballot day so she had to mail in her vote. And I was sure of who I want to vote for anyway. At the moment I'm enjoying the campaign ads from both the Lib and the Labour parties. The liberals seem to like to scare people into voting for them. A lot. And the most hilarious campaign ad would be the one from Family First. You know the one which features a group of people with "diverse" backgrounds at a barbecue. And by diverse I mean putting one single Asian in a group of Caucasians. There might have been people from other backgrounds but I didn't spot them because I was busy laughing. The ad basically said that Labour and Liberal are too alike now so there is no point in voting either of them and Family First is the one to vote for. Excuse me but I would rather vote the Greens than any party that emphasises on socially conservatives family values. Or any party that has the word "conservative" in the party name for that matter. I have a serious question after I voted though, would anyone really number in from 1 to 68 on the senate ballot instead of just picking one party?

3. I watched a whole hordes of videos of people's reactions after watching "2 girls 1 cup". What the hell is "2 girls 1 cup" you might ask, a very legitimate question by the way, well, it's an internet fetish video of 2 girls eating each other's shit out of 1 cup and hence the name. Literal shit, human excrement, not the other kind of shit sprouting out from the mouths of politicians humans in the form of words. Judging from the reactions of people watching the video, I think it would be quite sufficient to say that "2 girls 1 cup" is gross. What the hell are these people thinking and what kind of people would find this unhygienic practice erotic or even worth watching? Actually I can answer part of this question. Curious people will find this video worth watching. Curious people who think that ingesting fully digested food mixed with natural flora found in the human digestive tract is revolting and who would later eject the contents of their dinner through their mouth following the viewing of said video. I am one such curious people and I was getting curiouser and curiouser more and more curious with each "reaction videos". Sadly, more like thankfully, I have yet to find the original video. Maybe it's for the best I'm not desperate to watch that foul video anyway. Do not send me a link. I repeat, do not. If you do I wouldn't be able to reign in my curiosity and would probably be scarred for life and be scared away from chicken nuggets for life. Why chicken nuggets? I think they look like poop.

4. I learned to speak Spanish and French.

5. I changed my name.

That's not all but at least that would give you some sort of indication of how "busy" I am at the moment. So until next time, stay safe, don't do drugs especially Caltrate tablets when you're stressed and check back here in a few days, I've got one hilarious Alarmist quote and more hilarity from my grandmother.

P.S. I was joking about learning to speak Spanish and French. I've had quite enough troubles with two languages already, learning more would really frack shit up.

P.P.S. I wasn't joking about number 5.

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