Wednesday, July 12, 2006

holy shit! I pass

Yeah. I pass. I've been brooding and dreading these past 3 week because I knew I did shit on my exams. There were more at stakes than just passing and not having to resit the damn exams. My scholarship was at stake here. I need credits for everything. And after the exams, PP in particular, I was damn near a panic attack.

Forget VCE, I've had more stress these past few weeks than I've ever had during the whole goddamn stressful year 12. The scholarship was supposed to make me feel less stress, not more! Forget with power comes responsibility, 3vil g3nius says with free money comes stress.

So I passed. Ha ha, I passed, everything was above 70% so I get to keep my scholarship and get to have more stress at the end of the year. However, I'm happy.

The results are supposed to be out tomorrow noon but I checked tonight anyway and my heart was beating like I'm being chased by a godzilla. Waiting for the damn results to load was a real adrenalin releasing experience if you ask me.

Now I can go to bed stress free. Am I happy or what?

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