Friday, July 07, 2006

in which YOU get a break from my angry atheist rants

I was reading this article on about angry atheist. The article was just trying to resolve the myth of angry atheist. I was hoping the reason was something like atheists aren't angry, they're so hyped up about not believing any crap that they appear to be angry. Surprise surprise, the article didn't mention anything about that. The whole thing boils down to atheists are angry and there are many reasons why they're angry and by the way there are some non-angry atheist too, the end. The whole article kinda defeat the purpose of the word "myth".
So that article got me thinking, am I just another angry atheist? Of course I am, look at this blog, three quarters of the recent posts are about how ridiculous christianity is and how absurd the bible is. And that leads to the second question, what am I going to do about this? Don't get me wrong, I'm proud to be an atheist and even an angry one but being angry all the time just can't work. It's gonna do something to my moods. So, today I'm gonna have a break from the absurd existence of a God and talk about something else.

Let's talk about the current crises [weird word, crisis, the plural form of crisis is not crisises but crises, weird] in the world. So North Korea has finally showed the US how much it loved the US of A huh? What a fireworks show for Independence day! Too bad your fireworks show was a big dud. Even the people in Alaska couldn't see squat of your fireworks. May be some Japanese fishermen might have seen something of NK's big bad Taepodong-2, a supposedly deadly long-range missile that can reach Alaska and/or LA. What is the deal with those North Korean anyway? They pretty much advertised to the whole world that they have a missile that can strike the US and the said missile failed 40 seconds into the test. Talking about big overture, little show!

That wasn't much of a crisis for the US in my opinion. Now they can laugh their head off about how stupid the North Koreans are and cut all sanctions to NK. Oh and persuade the rest of the nations to cut all sanctions to NK in the process too. May be the North Koreans have something up their sleeve, may be they're trying to lure the US into some false sense of security and then kaboom, a few nuclear missiles to all the US's buddies near NK. Just my humble theory.

What's other crisis? Oh, that new Isreal airstrike that killed Palestinians. I figure this should be ranked higher on the crisis scale over that long-range dud crisis since there were actually some human casualties. However, it didn't make it to the front page. May be it's what I call the the-boy-who-cried-wolf complex. No, I'm not implying that they're lying about people dying in the middle east. It's like you hear too much about the Palestine-Isreal conflict and you figure there are always some kind of airstrike or terrorist attack going on over there so you tune out anything that has anything to do with middle east. Or may be it's just me.

Any other crisis? Of course there are, people dying in Africa, people starving in Asia, Falun Gong practitioners being killed and their organs harvested for sale in China, ... Oh well, it's just another day. And tomorrow is yet another day.

Talking about tomorrow is another day. I suppose I've always been a bit cynical and pessismistic but I really don't get those people who blogs about "tomorrow is another day". May be they're all positive all the time and they're just super hyper positive. But you can't be positive all the time. There is no way that anyone can be positive all the time. It's just like you can't be negative all the time. Me? I might have a the-glass-is-never-full view of everything but I manage to be positive sometimes so those the-glass-is-never-empty people have to be negative sometimes. I suppose I need to find out about what those people write in their tomorrow-is-another-day blogs. It's a shame that those people always have to write in Chinese or some other language. I rarely come across similar blogs in English that's talk about similar things and manage to not try to sell me some obscure self-help books on how to be positive.

The 3vil g3nius's extremely short guide to be positive:
Tatoo positive signs (ie. plus signs, do not, I repeat DO NOT tatoo crosses, 3vil g3nius does not condone the practice of tatooing religious signs) all over your body. Then you can always be positive or at the very least, remind yourself to be positive.

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