Monday, July 24, 2006

while I was surfing...

This is a new series of posts that I hope I'll have time to keep up here. Basically, it's gonna be a collection of strange blogs that I come across when surfing.
I have this habit of clicking on the next blog button on the blogger bar. It's useful for discovering blogs I suppose. Not so useful when people deliberately hide the goddamn bar. I hate blogs that hide that bar. Why can't the authors leave the damn bar where it's supposed to be? I get crossed everytime I come across such blogs.

Here's an example. += I Leave in A Moment of Mine =+
I think the author meant "I live in a moment of mine". Beware, this is a typical asian blog which means heaps of personal pictures, heaps of fancy scripts. I didn't know you can make your pictures roll on the blog. But then again. I hate posting pictures so there's no point learning how to make them roll.
Things to watch out for in this blog:

  • The number of pictures with some kind of birthday cakes
  • Pictures of Asian boysband "hotties" [who, in my humble opinion, look way too feminine to be male]
  • Weird grammar and
  • lots of "..."

So that's an Asian flavoured blog. Next, an ambitous project by an unnamed author. I am proud to present, the biography of Paris Hilton.
Gosh, I laughed so hard when I came across that blog. I always believe that Paris Hilton should really get a life that doesn't have anything to do with being an airhead, oops, I mean heiress. But whoever writes this blog is seriously in need of getting a life. Why not write a biography of anyone who has even a smidgen of talent. Anyone but Paris Hilton who is just a spoilt rich brat.

The next blog is interesting, eye-catching. All thanks to a picture of a chopped up, very dead mermaid. This blog deserves extra credit from me for not removing the blogger bar. Usually with blogs this "modified", the bar would have been removed. But then I suspect that this blog has some links to a few pop-up windows that suddenly ...popped up the moment I opened the blog. No extra credit then.

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