Tuesday, July 18, 2006

the most useless princess

I've just had one of my off-days. I'm sick, I have a headace the size of Africa and to top it all I have a blocked nose and a sore throat. This combination is lethal when you have lectures in the afternoon. I was half asleep through most of the lectures and hence I got time to ponder upon the question of "what would happen if I can sleep for a whole week, straight?". So one question lead to another and I was thinking about Sleeping Beauty after 5 seconds.

I've always thought that Sleeping Beauty is the most useless princess of all the Disney's princesses. Other princesses like Snow White or Cinderella have to go through some sort of ordeal and then meet their Prince. What does Sleeping Beauty have to do? She only needs to listen to her fairy god mothers and not get near any spindles. But no she has to prick her finger and fall into a deep sleep and wait for her prince to rescue her.

My point is, she doesn't do anything! And expect someone else to rescue her out of the hole that she digs herself! What would feminists say about Sleeping Beauty?

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