Wednesday, November 15, 2006

the bored, the procrastinator and the can't-be-bothered

One thing I discovered about myself this year is that I'm an accomplished procrastinator. So accomplished that I even delayed acknowledging that I'm a procrastinator. But then again, that might have something to do with self-denial.

So what have I done this past week when I've finally gotten loose from the shackles of exams? What could I have done? Play games till I'm too tired to move, read books until I can't read anymore and delay writing anything on this blog. That doesn't seem to be a lot but trust me it's very time consuming.

I had planned to update this blog's template this holiday but somehow every time the template codes come up I can't be bothered sifting though all those codes and number to make a new template. So the template has got to wait until I can be bothered again. Probably next month at the soonest.

So between playing games, reading books and occasionally watching some DVDs I haven't the time to do anything else (apart from eating, sleeping and all that normal stuffs). No wonder I'm bored. TV hasn't yielded anything good now that "the glass house" has been axed and both "the Chaser's war on everything" and "thank god you're here" have gone on holiday until next year. Is there any good show that's on? Please don't suggest "my name is Earl" or any sitcoms because the thing I hate most is ads-ridden sitcoms. One moment you're laughing your ass off, the next moment you're watching mind-numbing, neuron-killing ads after ads.

Talking about ads, there was this Optus ad I saw this morning. It was more like those "bright ideas" ads, you know, the type of ads that goes on and on about how good whatever crappy products they want to sell to the gullibles are? To give credits where it's due, the offer from Optus wasn't half bad. Just saddle yourself with Optus for 2 years on home phone and internet and you'll get a laptop for free (lots of small writings follow of course). However, the ad ended with something to the effect of "there has never been an offer like this from anyone else" (which might be true). This particular sentence made it to today's "thought of the day" (I can still frakking think after all those hours playing games and reading novels, thank God the vacuum). How the hell does this persuade people to go for Optus? Because there's never been a better offer from the past? That doesn't mean there won't be a better offer from somewhere else in the future! It means that I should wait for a while more for a better deal, you frakwits!

My current obsession, along with reading and playing games, is Youtube. I know it's not something new but Youtube isn't very accessible when you have a fraking dial-up connection. I still haven't got broadband yet so Youtube is painfully slow. The only consolation is that it's faster than downloading with bittorrent. Surprise, surprise I found BSG season 3 on Youtube. I swear, once I've got broadband I'll live on Youtube and keep the TV just to play games and watch DVDs.
It's been a while since I've posted any Youtube videos, so here it is. If you're a fan of Thank god you're here, this is probably not as funny as the first time you watch it. But it's one heck of a performance. In my opinion, it's the best performance in the whole second series. Enjoy.

P.S. too bad this video is saddled with Hungry Jack's ads. Well, at least you don't have to watch a whole minute of ads.

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