Saturday, November 25, 2006

useless, FUN, time-wasting tid bits (children, please keep out!)

I recently found out that an old friend of mine is married. My first thought when I heard that is 'wow', my second thought is 'what the heck, you're too young to be married!'. It's quite disturbing for me to imagine anyone who is as old as me, or in this case as young as me, would want to get married and have children. Maybe it's just me but I think the best time to be married is after 25. Why 25? I don't know, not too old to have children but old enough to have enjoyed single life I guess.

What's more disturbing is that I know the 2 of them would get straight down to the business of making children since they're hardcore Christians. No siree, we don't want anything unnatural about sex, not those plastic thingies.

If you're wondering what the heck the title of this post is about, well I'm a responsible person most of the time so I like to give out warnings when I feel like it. This post is definitely MA rated and the stuff above is nothing compared to the stuff I'm gonna put below here. There's gonna be a song list full of songs (duh! what else can a song-list list?) about the same topic, there's gonna be 2 minute of snogging video and last of all there's gonna be a huge comic page of R rated nature. There, that's warning enough, that's responsible enough of me.

Ok, let's get down to the list. A few months ago I found a strangely funny list on Wikipedia. It's a list of songs about masturbation. 'Strange? Why strange?' you may ask. Well, strange because someone would write much less sing about such topic and stranger still, someone would compile a list of those songs. Now these songs can have pretty straight forward titles such as "I touch myself", "Touch of my hand" or "ode to masturbation" or highly cryptic titles such as "communist daughter" or "weenie in a bottle".
Please don't ask me how I come across this list. I might have been researching STDs and a link piqued my curiosity. One thing I'm sure, I wasn't looking for them in the first place.
Now that I've finished defending my questionable character, here's the link to the list. I'm sure you'll have a laugh at some of those title.

Alright, next on the list, 2 minute of snogging. I'm sure you've seen people kiss before. I see it all the time on the train. However, I've never seen 2 girls do it on a train. Why I wonder.

Again, I innocently came across this. What do you think? I go searching for lesbian kissing videos? Purlease give me a break! I'm not the 3vil p3v3rt3d g3nius thank you very much. This video popped up on one of those comics websites I have links for.

I did save the best bits for last. Have you ever wonder what phrase atheists use for instead of "oh God" when they're doing it? This comics with very explicit contents tried to answer that. Here's the original site: Deist on top (by Jeff Swenson)

Ok, back to the part about my friend got married. After I read the comic strips, every time I think about my friend I got weirded out. It's one thing reading about other people having sex, it's another thing entirely when you imagine your friend doing it with her husband.

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