Friday, November 17, 2006

Here's to human-animal hybrids

This is probably quite late for me to comment on the fact that the Australian Senate had voted to lift the ban on therapeutic cloning. It's just a little strange that you don't hear much debates over this particular issue lately. Well, not very strange really since all people talk about lately is the stupid comments about women asking to be raped by wearing revealing outfits. Religious leaders are just full of bright and useful ideas. Here's one humble suggestion to add to the deep well of wisdom of Sheikh Taj Mahal el-din Al-Hilaly: making inflammatory and politically incorrect statements are just like asking to be deported. And for whoever/whatever's sake, learn some English man! You've been living here for more than 10 years you should, at least, know something.

I think I've strayed far enough from what I wanted to discuss. The fact was the bill, giving stem cell research the go ahead, has passed the Senate and is expected to pass The House of Representatives easily. It's a cause for alarm for politicians like Tony Abbott. They believe that nothing good's gonna come out of stem cell research. Well, nothing except human-animal hybrids that is. If you pay attention to those who are against this bill, they'll mention something along the line of hybrids and mongrels at least a few time. What can be so bad about hybrids huh? Maybe we'll make a mermaid or a minotaur one day and then put them in zoo for mythic creatures. Forget possible cures for Alzheimer's or Parkinson's diseases, these politicians just want to focus on possible misuse of embryonic cloning to satisfy some scientists' alleged fetish for mythical creatures.

Seriously, what are those politicians thinking? Scientists are a bunch of useless nerds whose favourite Disney movies are The little mermaid or Beauty and the Beast and who would go to any lengths, including applying for a license for stem cell research, just to make themselves their very own mermaids and beasts assuming that is possible. And it is impossible to do so anyhow.

Oh, I forgot, God created humans from his image, yada yada yada..., we have nothing in common with fruit fly, yada yada yada..., our ancestors aren't monkeys, yada yada yada... Who on earth would let a few scientific facts to cloud a perfectly clear religious issue? Who on earth indeed. God wouldn't approve of human making other humans without using the natural channels. You see, that is his specialty and he doesn't like a little healthy competition. I'm just curious, would these politicians be singing the same tunes if they themselves have Parkinson's or Alzheimer's?

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