Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boxing day

Do you know what's the best thing about Christmas? Boxing day.

I'm not one of those shopaholics. In fact, I hate shopping and I usually spend the least amount of time possible to shop. I love online shopping though since you don't have to spend that much energy finding things. My approach to normal shopping in 3 easy steps is:

Step 1: walk around. This is the most time consuming steps and I hate it but it's an essential step since the rest of my shopping are based on this.
Step 2: pick what you like. This might include try whatever it is on to see if it fits.
Step 3: pay for it. That's it, just pay and get out of there.

Please note, there's no thinking involved in here. I hate going shopping with people who think too much and just keep changing their mind, before you know it, half the day is over and they're still in the same shop agonizing over what to buy.

Boxing day is the best time to shop really. You can't stay anywhere long enough since people will actually PUSH you out of their way. It's a wonder the Myer building in Melbourne City didn't crumble to dirt today with so many people flocking into it. I almost became the victim of a stampede by a horde crazy girls trying to find the shortest route to the reduced price table. I really should give credits to those girl, they did figure out the shortest route to that table: over my body. Too bad I succeed in getting out of their way in the nick of time by stepping onto some old lady's foot. It seems that the new fashion this summer is stripy t-shirts. I expect I'll see hordes of girls wearing those. Why would you wear something that make you look like a zebra? Albeit a very weird zebra considering the colour combinations like green and red, blue and gray, orange and white stripes.

Apart from that incident in Myer, my shopping trip went relatively incident-less. I got myself a late-Christmas present: a pair of kick-ass headphones. It actually blocked out everything. I really appreciate not having to listen to some girl bragging about a pair of G-strings she got for a song from some adult shop, thank you very much. People just talk about all sort of weird things on trains.

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