Thursday, December 07, 2006

Guess who's back? Back again? Pauline's back, tell a friend

So I've got the shock of the week today when I heard that Pauline Hanson's gonna come back to politics. I was eating (what do you call a meal that's like the equivalent of brunch but instead of between breakfast and lunch it's between lunch and dinner? - Linner?) when the 4.30 news came on on channel 7 and I almost choked to death. Ms Hanson really does have a plan for a come back. This time not as a member of the One Nation party though. She's gonna be an independent member. Hell, she might even found a new party. I wonder what's it gonna be called? One Colour? One Race? One Religion? All are quite possible.

Last time she's got anti-immigration policy and this time she's bringing in fresh new ideas on, guess what?, more anti-immigration policies. Last time she waged a war agains Asian immigrants, this time it's against Africans and Muslim. Why no Muslim has planted a bomb in her fish and chips shop I have no idea. What people learn after 9/11 in one very short sentence is "don't frack with Muslim", granted not all Muslims are fundamentalists, it just pays to not be on their bad side.

I can't stand the woman. She's not only ignorant, she doesn't want to learn. Take a look at her remarks:

"We're bringing in people from South Africa at the moment, there's a huge amount coming into Australia, who have diseases, they've got AIDS," Ms Hanson said.

"They are of no benefit to this country whatsoever, they'll never be able to work.

"And what my main concern is, is the diseases that they're bringing in and yet no one is saying or doing anything about it."

Ms. Hanson, you really should take a look at the Australian Immigration policies. Before anyone can get into the country they have to go through at least 2 health screenings. It doesn't matter which country they come from, EVERYBODY has to have health checks and I'm sure as hell no one who's got AIDS or any transmissible disease can get in. Hell, even those Japanese horses got monitored and checked before they get into the country for Melbourne Cup.

What diseases are you talking about Ms Hanson? The disease of having the skin colour other than that of yours? The disease of having a religion other than that of yours? Maybe you're the one that's diseased. You have a disease that's called Racism.

What's more dangerous than a racist trying to get into parliament is an ignorant racist.

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