Monday, December 18, 2006

I'm just terribly confused!

It's not everyday that you catch me terribly confused. I can be mildly confused on a regular basis when it comes to statistics calculations or whether I have to use the mortar and pestle or a beaker when mixing solids and semi-solids or when it comes to paradoxes like "I always lie".
Anyhow I found myself terribly confused today all thanks to a fundie.

Since getting broadband internet Youtube's become my favourite site, true you can find weird stuff on Youtube like this Japanese game show.

But then you can also find quality stuff like the entire Jonathan Miller's Atheism series from BBC4. And let's not forget my favourite ABC show at the moment: "The Chaser's War on Everything". Yay, Youtube rules.

Ok, I think I've gone off the topic considerably. I was terribly confused about this. Back when I was still a Catholic I've always take comfort from the fact that "God loves everybody". Really, that particular fact was instilled in my mind since forever. I think if you ask any Christian they'll tell you that. What get me confused is how someone, who's a self-proclaimed Pastor,can say with absolute certainty that God hates everybody (with the exception of said pastor and his family).

The pastor I'm talking about is Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church. My "terrible confusion" started when I saw this Chaser segment a while back.

At the time it just seemed funny coz that's what the Chaser gang do, they make fun of politics, religions and everything else especially Naomi Robson hence the name of the show: "The Chaser's War on Everything". So strictly speaking my "confusion" didn't start then, it started when I read a post from Deep Thoughts featuring an awesome interview with Shirley Phelphs Roper.

Yup, that was the exact moment when it started. What do you mean "god hates everybody"? So all those Catholic nuns were lying to me when they told me that God love everybody including me and especially me if I make it to confession at least once every month and say at least 50 Hail Mary's every night? My goodness! My childhood teachings from the nuns are lies. Who could have known?!

So to resolve my confusion, I researched this extraordinary claim made by the Phelphs. Where could I go? Where else but their own website I'm gonna be completely unbiased here and say this, the site is one of the worst badly designed site I've ever seen. If you know anything about the web it's that graphics attract. That site is just full of words, it's just a big turn-off. And that is before I even read the contents of what's actually there.

So what is on that site? A lot of bullshit of course. Take "God loves everybody - the greatest lie ever told" for example. While I was reading it I couldn't help but wondering is this guy nuts? All he succeeds in doing is presenting a picture of a malevolence God who hates everyone except for the members of the Westboro Baptist Church. Seriously, I thought the "good" pastor was trying to persuade people away from God. And I must say, he's quite persuasive. If I was a Catholic still I would have renounced the Christian God after I read the first 5 pages of the file. Who can believe that such ghastly individual can claim to be a Christian? Ok, I know, bad rhetorical question. It's not like every Christian is a peace-loving person, the majority of them are anyhow.

Fred Phelphs picks a fight with everyone not just "fags". Let's see, his other websites include,, and coming up very soon I'm just wondering why he hasn't pick a fight with Muslims yet maybe he did learn something from September 11. Something like the cause of 9/11 isn't "the wrath of God on a perverted country" but it's just a plain simple hate crime on a massive scale. Here's Fred Phelphs picking a fight with televangelists.

I must say here, he's quite right to some very small extent though. Televangelists and faith healers are just ridiculous. How can giving money to someone who's already rich get you into heaven? And what's with the touchy feely stuff to cure people of incurable diseases? I'd say it's ridiculous anyone would believe that but I wouldn't go as far as to say "you're pastor is a whore" though.

Fred Phelphs isn't the only one who's sprouting bullshit like this. All of the people from his "church" are like this. It's quite understandable really since there are only 70-something people in this so-called church, it's more like a hate inciting club than a church if you ask me, and I suspect they're all his family. See, the thing is the "good" pastor has 13 children, 54 grandchildren (to date) and 5 great grandchildren (to date). Yeesh, 13 children! Have these people heard of birth control? You know the plastic thingy you slip on so that your wife doesn't have to get pregnant every year?
So 13+54+5 = 72. Wow, I don't know why he bothers calling it a church. It's a family, why not call it a "family"? How do I know there are 70-something people in his church? Well, I got it right from the horse's mouth, or in this case from the horse's daughter's mouth.

That video is just too damn funny. What else is better than people yelling over other people? the whole time I was watching that I was hoping for a cat fight, wouldn't it be fun watching 4 women fight it out on TV? I myself wanna strangle that Phelphs woman. I would have if I was the host. Ok, I'm getting serious now. That video is just sad. I feel sad for the daughters. They said it themselves, they don't have friends outside of their "church" which consists of their psycho grandfather, their equally psycho mother and their various uncles, aunts and cousins.

So there I think I've resolved my "confusion". God doesn't hate everybody, so everybody who believes there's a god can relax now. It's just a psycho family inciting hate. For the atheists out there, I don't suppose it would make any difference if god does or does not hate everybody. What I get out of this is frustration. How can people stand by and let psychotic fundies like these terrorising grieving families of dead individuals? I don't have to tell you how pleased I was when I watch the guy from the Chaser gang flirting with Fred Phelps' son. We need a round of applause for that performance even though it's original purpose is to make fun of weird people.
If you're not from Australia or you've never heard of the Chaser, Micheal Moore took on Fred Phelphs too and I must say it's really really REALLY satisfying to watch this video.

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