Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I have to concur, it's just sickening

Easter's coming and despite everything, I found myself feeling glad there's a holiday because of Easter. Seriously, I don't mind Easter at all. I even found myself agreeing with Edward Egan, an American Cardinal, this Easter. Strange huh?

Before I go on with this, I know that Bread, my friend, wants no more of my atheist rants but, can I at least rant once in a while since I haven't done so for quite some time now? Read on by all mean Bread coz I find this quite funny too.

With that out of the way, let's get on with this yummy, yummy piece of Jesus. It seems Jesus has stolen centre stage this Easter instead of Jesus. Ok, that didn't come out right, what I meant was that this guy

Has stolen the limelight from this guy

The first picture is of a life size, three-dimensional sculpture of Jesus from Cosimo Cavallaro. The sculpture is named, very appropriately, as "My Sweet Lord". And before you ask it, yes, Jesus is naked. Maybe that's why Catholics were outraged, maybe. Personally, I think they should thank Cavallaro, he has made Jesus edible and chocolate is way better than bread and wine.

However, they were outraged nonetheless, my pal Cardinal Egan has slammed this as "sickening" and "one of the worst assaults on Christian sensibilities ever". I just couldn't help agreeing with him.

Firstly, it's just absolutely sickening. The sculpture weighs 91 kilograms. That's 91 kg of dark chocolate. I can't get through one of those chocolate bunnies let alone a Jesus. I get a chocolate overdose if I eat too much chocolate. Here are some symptoms of chocolate overdose (for me): hyperactive, nose bleeds, acne**, fat deposits, weight gain, skinny jeans into the bin. I know, it's just sickening.

Secondly, this has dealt a bad blow to "Christian sensibilities". So bad a blow that Cavallaro has received death threat because of this. Catholics, think sensibly, death threat because of a bloody sculpture out of chocolate? You should be thankful he didn't do a sculpture out of some other materials like onion or bullshit. What can you expect out of the sensibilities that brought about two centuries of Crusades for a bloody piece of supposedly "holy" land? Really, what did you expect?

Miscellaneous information: There's a song from ex-Beatles George Harrison called "My Sweet Lord". I suppose it's only appropriate (mainly because of the name) that this is included in this post.

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