Sunday, April 22, 2007

thoughts on the event of the week

What a week huh? I was tossing with the idea of doing a post about how "traumertised" I was because of the shooting in Virginia but decided against it. Why bother when everyone's already done that? And why bother to do so when I'm not even disturbed by it?

Ok, I lied, of course I was slightly disturbed by the shooting. When I heard the news that day, I thought about someone bringing a gun into a packed lecture theatre and starts to shoot everyone. I have a very active imagination when it comes to these things. Couple that with having just finished reading American Psycho in the past month, you get a vivid, coloured picture of carnage and mayhem with surround sound too.

I guess I'm a bit desensitised about people killing other people. I admit that the shooting is a tragic event, innocent lives lost and all. But think about it, there are people dying around the world everyday because of diseases, starvation, war etc. that could have been prevented too and I don't see a public outcry about it. I guess, innocent American lives lost are more important than innocent African lives lost. However, how does that justify the 3000+ American deaths in Iraq? Where's the public outcry?

Incredibly enough, people are arguing that to prevent future shootings like this, everyone should be armed. How does that work? Instead of one person with a few guns shooting at a bunch of people without guns we would have a bunch of people shooting at one another in hope of killing the one who fires the first bullet? How does that save lives?

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