Sunday, April 15, 2007

The coolest of the cool: Sunshine

My thoughts on the coolest movie I've seen this year. And no, it's not 300.

I went to see Sunshine the first chance I got, which was on Friday. I've been waiting for this movie ever since I saw the trailer last month. Am I alone in thinking that the trailer makes you want to see the movie immediately?

Ok, maybe it's me and me alone. What can I say? I'm a sucker for Scifi movies ever since I saw Alien. Unlike Alien, this movie has way more drama, less homicidal alien organism but there is a homicidal m... oops, almost give the plot away.

I'm a bit surprised that I like this movie this much, usually I have a thing against movies in which ok, how do I put this without spoiling the whole movie? I have a thing against movies that end like Sunshine but this time I love it. This movie is on my to-buy-DVD-as-soon-as-it-comes-out list.

This is not the usual scifi movies, the movie makes me question whether it' ok to kill people or allowing people to kill themselves in order to achieve some greater good. This is also a movie about the imperfections of human and it also convinces me that whoever hears "god" in their head is a maniac. Having seen this movie, I want to see "28 days later" now. It looks like a great movie.

That's it for the review, I know, not a very good review but that's the best I can do when I'm still a little pissed about the library loans and the stolen newspaper. Note to self: you can't do much when you're pissed off.

While waiting for Sunshine to be shown, I saw a few trailers, I can't believe how many awesome movies that are coming soon. There's Pirates 3 and Spiderman 3. And there's this: The Reaping.

Looks like a movie that preaches about the Bible. Somehow I know the main character will become a bible thumping, god fearing "scientist" at the end of the movie. Definitely on my don't-see list.

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