Sunday, March 09, 2008

For those who are bored

So I've been getting complaints about no new posts on my blog from the Doodler. My response was there's nothing to blog about. Why? Here are the reasons:

  • I refuse to blog about work.
  • There's nothing to blog about uni since the Doodler is there most of the time and wouldn't miss anything.
  • Uni is dull and nothing much happened except for some "drama" that is blown way out of proportion which doesn't even worth thinking about let alone blogging about.
  • Nothing new on the Alarmist, it's actually quite strange, I haven't had a proper conversation with the Alarmist for a few days now. She gets out of the house early for her uni when I usually am still in bed. I get home late when she's studying. Thus, no amusing Alarmist quote.
When the Doodler complained about my blog I thought it was some kind of compliment. Inside I was thinking "yay, someone actually likes reading my blog!" but no, the Doodler was just bored and would read anything. So here are a few things you can read/look at if you're that bored:
  • The "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks. If you know me I'm quite sarcastic which I've been toning down. I even made a new year resolution for it. Resolution number 10: be less sarcastic (I don't know why but that resolution just sounds so sarcastic). Anyhow, all the sarcasm is bottled up everyday and it had to be released somehow and that is where this blog comes in. It's hilarious sometimes.
  • My profile. Here's some shameless self-promotion. Sort of. is a place where you can stalk people's music listening habit. It's updated in real-time so if you stalk my profile often enough you'd probably catch me listening to something you'd consider embarrassing. Aside from stalking potential, is the best way to find new bands to listen to so get on it people.
  • My profile. More shameless self-promotion. Since you're bored you're gonna read anything right? This is just a place to store a list of all the albums I've listened to and have rated recently. A handy website since I download and listen to a lot of music and I cannot possibly remember all the good stuff I've downloaded.
There, hope those will keep you entertained until something good actually happens.

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