Tuesday, March 18, 2008

a stream of sleepy conciousness which sometimes don't actually flow very well

I'm sleepy, I'm tired, I'm bored, I tried to blog but ended up just typing whatever comes to my head. Some of this might make sense, some might not, some might even be completely random. Strictly for when you're not sleepy but are bored and would read whatever I churn out.

More reasons why I haven't been blogging regularly:

  • The place where I work at is short on staff at the moment.
  • I'm a slave to the wage. Plus I get to look all knowledgeable and shit when telling people what are actually in Panadeine which they could have read out themselves had they had a proper look at the packaging.

New year's resolution that has successfully been unresolved: Stop drinking coffee. I tried to create a loophole for myself when I phrased that resolution. The resolution straight out of my diary is:
5/ Stop drinking coffee regularly.
First I started to drink coffee again, irregularly. Then I crossed that resolution out completely. Note to self: caffeine is the only thing that can get you through a day with at least 4 lectures.

An untimely update on the Alarmist: she moved semi-out since last week. She's crashing at her friend's flat for the weekdays and comes home for the weekends. So now I see even less of her since I work almost every single day on weekends.

On a related note to the Alarmist moving semi-out. My parents didn't cry over it, my little sister didn't cry over it, I didn't cry over it but boy did my grandmother cry. She cried about it for 2 days straight.

Freddo moments (a.k.a: Misheard/misremembered by the Alarmist):
I expect this to be a very short-lived or short addition to this already ailing blog since the Alarmist moved semi-out. The Alarmist tends to remember things incorrectly and sometime hilariously. Those moments were coined "Freddo" moments by my other sister who I have yet to find an annoying enough trait to label her with. She uses the floor as a wardrobe more often than I like but calling her the Floorober is .... fucking cool! I think I've just found a name for the "Other Nguyen girl" (sorry about that lame play on "The other boleyn girl", I'm sleepy, this is supposed to be a chaotic post which might or might not capture what goes on in my sleepy head).
Back to Freddo moments, the Floorober coined the Alarmist's funny misremembered moments that because she once called Frodo Freddo. On with the Freddo moments / Alarmist quotes then:

I want that song "Maybe maybe maybe", do you have it, can you put it on my ipod?
She was referring to a song called "Perhaps perhaps perhaps" by CAKE

I also want that album by that band "The shaved head of Natalie Portman"

Of course she was talking about a band whose name is "Natalie Portman's shaved head" (off topic: freaking cool synthpop band one of my favourite last month)

And let's not forget what "What's eating Gilbert Grapes" is remembered as in her brain (possibly in the frontal cortex, mesolimbic system, A10 dopaminergic neurones with their cell bodies in the ventral tegmental area - see how seamlessly pharmacology can be applied in real life? I wonder how people can live without pharmacology knowledge!) as "What's eating Gilbert's Grapes".

A few parting words on Facebook. That's a piss-poor place to stalk people who, like me, don't use it. I have a Facebook account, find it if you really want to, it's just a wee-little-bit abandoned since I created it. My main gripe with Facebook is that I lose touch with people for a reason and Facebook manages to provide the people that I don't want to keep in touch with an effortless route to "poke" me had they know that I have a Facebook account.

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