Monday, March 31, 2008

A very quick update (unless it turns out differently or unless I severely overestimated your reading speed)

The Alarmist moved back home, full-time. Readers probably would rejoice because chances are she's gonna say something funny anyday now. She actually said something funny last week but I have been developing selective amnesia when it comes to anything that doesn't have anything to do with my new Macbook or The Floorober's new Nintendo DS lite. So what I've been trying to say is that I've got a lot of stuff on my little brain and can't remember what the Alarmist said that was so damn funny the other day. Chances are I dreamt that all up and she didn't say anything funny. I guess you all will have to wait until I remember what happened.

I bought a new laptop. It's a Macbook. Why I bought it? Well there are a few reasons actually:

  • I don't want to use Windows Vista
  • I want a cheap laptop (surprisingly the Macbook is actually quite cheap, but add the word Air in and you'll get a seriously overpriced laptop)
  • I get a free iPod with my laptop. I'm all for free iPods because seriously "2 iPods are not enough".
I just hope that I don't get iScrewed again. What can I say about my new laptop? I freaking love it. The Mac OS takes a little time to get used to. I still think that iTunes is weird but I've developed an appreciation for it. It's just that I'm used to organising my music folders manually and not trusting any software enough with organising it the way that I want.

So I've been spending a lot of time with my new laptop, and some of the time with the Floorober's Nintendo DS lite. She bought a mod chip so we've been playing quite a lot of games despite my almost hatred for games. I still don't get those Nintendo games. My absolute favourite at the moment is Mario Kart and it's the only game that I play. I tried those brain training games. I just don't think that those games do much for your brain. They claim to be measuring your "brain age", absolute bollocks. I tried 2 of those games on the same day and the first one said that I had the brain age of someone in their 20s, the other game said I have the brain age of a 78-year old. Discrepancy much?

What I'm extremely excited about this week is the fact that the last season of Battlestar Galactica is finally being shown. Do you know how exciting that is? Finally the last Cylon will be revealed!

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