Monday, March 24, 2008

3 reasons why I love Easter, why I don't like computer games and other unrelated topics

First off, the reasons why I love Easter:

  1. Uni holiday
  2. Double pay (if you work on Easter Friday and Monday)
  3. Sleep (this is a derivative reason due to the fact that it's uni holiday but "2 reasons why I love Easter" doesn't sound as good as "3 reasons why I love Easter")

Apart from all those reasons, there's nothing to make Easter more special than my birthday which was the National Sorry Day if you have to know. Why does it have to be special just because it's an important day to one of the main religions of the world?

I spent Friday at work contemplating whether Jesus should be called a zombie or a vampire. After some thinking I arrived at zombie, to be a vampire you have to do all sort of mutual blood drinking between the vampire and the one that would be turned into a vampire and other metaphysical bullshit according to Buffy the vampire slayer. But then didn't he offer his blood and his flesh, metaphorically speaking, to his disciples in the last supper? Does that count as reverse vampirism? Whatever, who cares? We don't even know if Jesus did come back. And by "know" I mean some scientific proof other than the well documented "scientific" facts from the world-renounced, "reason-friendly", thousand-year-old, beloved tome that is the Bible.

I've always wondered, but not intrigued and frankly too lazy to find out, about the deal with Easter bunnies and Easter eggs. What the heck does that have to do with a man dying on a cross and then coming back to life three days later? Well, now I know after reading this rather informative post. Think of it as recommended reading of the day.

The Floorober bought a Nintendo DS lite last week even after all my efforts in dissuading her from such foolish, time-wasting, antisocial and juvenile past-time. Oh we do play Halo occasionally, I have not problems with video games except for one which I will be discussing later. It's just that with Xbox we can't play it all day since we'd be in front of the TV all day and that is a pain, literally. The Nintendo DS removed the literal pain out of equation which means she will be playing all the time. Not good when you have parents who don't have the patience to nag and who would subsequently developed rather high-pitch yells once nagging fails. Also that's not good when you have to share the room with the nag-ee. Triply not good when you're already irritated because your lecture notes contradict themselves within the same slide and you're trying to decide which statement is true after emailing the lecturer to no avail while your parents try to use the high-pitch nagging technique on their unfazed, rather thick-skinned and patience-challenging other child. It always ends with me joining force with the parents. Triple the high-pitch yelling does do it for the nag-ee, but I always end up being more irritated.

Anyhow, the Floorober got the Nintendo DS lite and is waiting for some mod chip to play illegal copies of games to arrive. In the mean time I use the old Gameboy advance cartridges to try the DS out. After a few minutes of playing Mario Gallery (or whatever the hell the name of that game is) I remembered why I never liked those games or playing games a lot. They make me anxious. Every time I lost a life I felt like my heart stopped for a millisecond. Curiously enough, I feel that way before exams and before I find out my exam results. "Surprisingly" enough, I don't like exams. This is probably why I like puzzles more than the games that only require hand-eye coordination.

The Alarmist is back for the holiday, she said something rather funny today which I'm pretty sure was funny at the time but I can't remember now so I reckon it wasn't that funny. So, no Alarmist quotes.

The Drama Queen (DQ for short, that's my grandmother if you haven't read or have read but subsequently have forgotten this) had another drama session recently when she went on a hunger strike after my dad telling her not to water a chili plant to the point of drowning it and then cover it with cardboard so that not any sunlight can get to the plant. If there is an equivalent organisation to RSCPA but for plants they would have stormed our house and gently uproot the poor chili plant to put up for adoption in some other household. Or if that chili plant can magically grow legs and move, it would have uprooted itself to get away from the DQ's "tender" care many moons ago. Anyway, after her one-day hunger strike, the DQ resumed eating food but refused any nutritious food. When asked why, she said she did so so that she can die sooner. If you know my grandmother, she's a hard-core Catholic devout, what she is talking about is very close to suicide, and suicide in Catholics' book is the highway to hell. My mum pointed that out to her, she's been eating proper food again but who knows when she's gonna pull that one out again?

Since the Alarmist's back for the one-week holiday, the DQ has taken up waking up the Alarmist at various time of the day to tell the Alarmist that she should go eat. Strange thing is I think the DQ needs to eat more than the Alarmist.

What I'm really excited about at the moment is buying a new laptop. I'm finally too sick of my slow-ass old laptop. I was gonna buy a Vista laptop but then all I've heard about Vista is bad news so this might be a good time to jump out of a might-be sinking ship (that I haven't gotten onto yet so I shouldn't be worried about but being me, I was worried anyway) that is Vista. It was either OS X or Ubuntu or buying a Vista laptop and wipe it clean then install XP on it. The Linux and the Windows options sound like a lot of work that I won't want to do so OS X is the way to go. As a lot of reviews have been saying about OS X, if you like iTunes you'll love OS X. Here's my problem: I freaking hate iTunes. I hate its ass ever since I got my first iPod in 2004. We'll see how it'll turn out. If I end up hating OS X there's always running XP on Boot camp on the new Macbook.

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