Saturday, April 15, 2006

A damn good movie

I like movies, and I love good movies. Some might hate the movies I love, I can't give a damn. Now, I've tried reviewing a few movie in the past and they didn't go very well, in my opinion, please prove my opinion wrong, I'd love to have my opinion proven wrong this one time.
Anyway, I love good movies, there fore I love this movie: "Kiss kiss bang bang". Now don't let the title of the movie drive you off it. Trust me, this is great. If you like Fight Club and Donnie Darko you'll like this. It's comedy, black comedy so you know it's good. Besides, there's Robert Downey Jr. in it.
The title of the movie did turn me off at first, I must say it is a crappy title of a movie, but 5 no 2 minutes into the movie, I've forgotten my initial hesitation. You'll forget the crappy title after 2 minutes, trust me.

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