Monday, April 10, 2006

the worst thing you can say to your dentist

I was thinking more along the line of what is the worst thing I can say to my sister, who is a dentist in training, that will make her totally freak out. Apart from "I'm gonna go kill myself right this moment" and "I'm gonna get big mac meals for dinner from now on" (coz she's on a no saturated fat, low unsaturated fat, well actually no fat at all and no red meat diet). And I arrived at: "I'm gonna go to sleep with 10 lollipops in my mouth tonight" granted that I'll survive having 10 lollipops in my mouth when I sleep and "I'll never floss again".
So next time your dentist annoys you so much you want to change dentist, after telling him/her what a pathetic dentist he/she has been, tell him/her that you will go to sleep with lollipops, the sugar-full type, not the sugar-free type coz that will defeat the purpose of annoying him/her, seriously, dentists, or maybe just my sister, are obssessed with sugar.

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