Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I had a laugh out of technologically challenged people

I know it's cruel to make fun of people who might or might not be well endowed in the department of using complicated machineries such as a computer but when you're bored you're just glad you have something to laugh about. So the story is I was in the library watching porn when this blonde walked in and sat in the computer terminal next to mine, wiggling the mouse for what seemed like five minutes before she figured out that the computer was turned off. That's the story.

Ok, seriously, I wasn't watching porn, I was reading about how different levels of agitation can increase dissolution time of drugs (seriously, that's just common sense, if you stir your coffee you're gonna dissolve the sugar you put in faster. What's the point of writing complicated paragraphs about common sense huh?). And it wasn't a blonde that walked in and sat next to me. It was an Asian girl and some of her Asian friends who, beside being so technologically challenged that they can't tell if a computer is on or off, talked like there's no tomorrow and they had to get anything and everything off their brain in loud voices in a foreign language.

I was not gonna post about something as trivial as people don't know how to turn on a computer but those girls pissed me off. I was already annoyed at a textbook for using a whole 2 paragraphs to talk about something they could have put into 2 sentences. Those girls are just the last straw. So there.

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