Sunday, September 23, 2007

in which I appeared to be a person who hates overseas students

This post was originally titled "funny thing I said last week that appeared dumb in retrospect". It was titled that until I read Crazy lecture note doodler's comment on my last post.

The story first I guess, then things will hopefully be a bit clearer. So last Thursday I had a workshop for Pharmaceutics. The uni likes to call it a "workshop" but I call it a "whole-lot-of-confusion,-talk-and-a-tiny-bit-of-work-shop". And I think the tutors like to call those workshops "pain-in-the-ass-shops where nobody has the gut to yell out he correct answer even though it's obvious".

What happened last Thursday was we arrived early and there were about half of the workshop people there, we realised that the room we are scheduled to be in is tiny and we frowned. Then I, being my full of bright ideas self, suggested that we moved to bigger room. Here's how the whole conversation went.

ME (talking in normal, not very loud voice):
How about moving to the bigger tute room?

crickets chirping.

RANDOM GIRL SITTING NEXT TO ME (in a much louder voice):
Let's move to the other room.

crickets chirping again and then someone just started talking in Chinese in a voice louder than mine.

Oh yeah, someone's translating it into Chinese.

That's tight!

I was just trying to be funny. And apparently what came out of my mouth arrived in my friends' ears as something like "Someone translates it into Chinese". Hence the "tight" comment and hence the title of the post. Seriously, how hard is it to say "yes, let's" or "no, let's not because that room might have been booked already"? I'm just annoyed at people who just sit there and don't do anything.

I don't hate overseas students, I don't hate people, I just dislike people who annoy me or who give me a good reason to dislike them. I know I seemed to write about my annoyance at people who speak Chinese loudly (usually Chinese overseas students) in libraries quite often but that's because that happens to me lots of time but I also write, albeit less frequently, about assholes (usually random Caucasian) who piss me off on the train.

So to sum things up, I don't hate overseas students, I just hate anyone who pisses me off.

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