Sunday, September 23, 2007

Who says you have to be matured when you reach second year?

A rather late post, I was gonna post this 2 weeks ago but it sounded crappy typed out so I decided against it. Why post it now? Because I just feel like crappy something is better than nothing.


One thing is for sure, when sex ed comes up anywhere it would bring the giggles with it. I guess it wouldn't bring the out loud giggles when it's a conference for serious looking health professionals. But for would-be health professionals it brought the giggles for a whole week.

The topic of the lecture was "risk reduction in STD" or something to that effect, trust academia to make anything sounds dry and boring. But the lecture turned out to be hilarious, some topics got covered:
  • how to put a condom on a banana (already covered in year 10 sex-ed and coutless youtube videos)
  • mucho masturbation
  • oral dams
  • some people have weird ideas for sex and very little sense of hygiene i.e. oral-anal sex.
Ok, seriously, those are not what was covered but thinking back on the lecture I can only remembered those and always use some sort of barrier or just avoid sex altogether.

For the rest of the week there's a whole lot of discussion about oral dams and sex related jokes which aren't very good and which I can't remember anyhow. The point of this post (since I haven't gotten to it yet and don't seem to be approaching it in my first draft for this post) is that there's no point in the post. Well except for wondering out loud why talks of sex bring out the giggles and this looks like a blatant attempt to attract perverts googling for anything that has "sex" in the search terms. Do check out the song at the end of the post though.

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