Monday, September 03, 2007

Monday tid bits

If you haven't noticed yet, change of template yet again. You might think that nothing changed much but the experience resembled what you would feel sitting in a toilet after a week or more of taking Panadeine following wisdom teeth extraction (I was trying to figure a cooler way to say "pain in the ass" and I arrived at "pain in the rectum" or "bad case of constipation". I am just so original). For someone who doesn't know a whole lot about codes I'm doing OK.

Today's WTFs taken straight out of TheAge:
Gay republicans. Is this some sort of oxymoron? This is from the article about a senator quitting over men's room sex scandal. So people really do hit on other people in the toilet, I thought that is some sort of porn myth.

Remind me why did the Korean missionaries go to Afghanistan in the first place? Because I thought that what missionaries do is try to convert other people to their religion right? What's the point of going to Afghanistan to convert people when there are still people in Korea that are not Christian?

There about 9 million Protestants and 5.5 million Catholics in this country of 49 million people.
Why go to a foreign country when there are 34.5 million people waiting to be converted at home? These missionaries are daft in more ways than one.

Awesome band names:
  • Holy Fuck. I'm being serious, there is a band called Holy Fuck and their music is really good, fits the name. If the goal of a band's name is to attract listeners then this is probably the best name ever. It worked on me, I checked out this band only on the merit of their awesome name. Is there a band called Holy Shit?
  • Streptococci in chains. A band name I thought up during a lecture. Does this name make you wanna go: "holy fuck, that is one bad name"?

Random microbiology fact:
Streptococci are Gram positive cocci which are usually in chains.

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