Thursday, June 15, 2006

how to stress out stress

Considering that I'm in the middle of my exam period and I've been subjected to some very stressful incident like the trains don't run on time and having to sit an exam on a holiday and not to mention that I actually hypnotized myself to forget about the damn exams the week before the exams. But that's another story.
So I've been stressed. What can I do? Here's some advice from someone who's been there and done that.

1. Find you lucky charm and bring it to the exam. Ok, before you point out the paradox of an atheist being superstitious I'm gonna ask you a question: have you heard of the placebo effect? Lucky charms or objects or underwear can be very effective for that. If you believe that luck is on your side then you might actually be more confident in yourself. If you don't have a lucky charm or anything lucky, just grab a pen or anything that's small in front of you and look at it the way you look into your boyfriend/girlfriend 's eyes and say this "I dub thee my lucky [insert object's name] and you shall bring me luck".

2. Don't think about the exam. Try to forget it if you can. Don't forget it completely though.

3. If none of those works I suppose you can try this stress reduction technique. Hat tip to Cinthia @ the life a belly dancer wannabe.

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