Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I was watching Sunrise on channel 7 this morning and they had this interview with a MP from ACT about a civil union legislation the ACT passed to recognise gay unions. As it turned out, the Howard government aren't very happy about that particular legislation saying that it was against some federal marriage act. However, the legislation was for "civil union" not marriage so Mr. Howard couldn't do a thing. What's got my attention to this piece of news was that the MP that was interviewed posed a very interesting question. He asked what would Mr. Howard feel if one of his children is gay and their partner was in hospital due to some freak accident. Gay partners aren't recognised as family members hence they aren't allowed to visit in hospital. I find this particular question very very funny. I know exactly what John Howard would do. He would be jumping up and down, throwing that particular child of his overboard and disowning him/her on the spot, granted that they survive being thrown overboard. Everybody knows that John Howard agrees with George Bush on everything including gay marriage.
One thing I find particularly strange is that Kim Beazley aren't jumping up and down supporting this ACT legislation. Beazley rarely agrees with Howard on anything and when he rarely does, he does it grudgingly. That's the job for the opposition leader I suppose. Oppose. Disagree with everything for the sake of disagreeing. I think Beazley are just as homophobic as Howard but he can't allow himself to be seen agreeing with Howard on anything. What does Beazley say about this ACT legislation? He says he'll have a look at it before saying anything.
Links to the story:
ACT to fight overturning civil unions
Howard defends gay marriage veto

To another matter concerning Mr. Howard. He had appointed former Telstra chief Ziggy Switkowski the head of his nuclear taskforce. Amazingly enough Ziggy is a nuclear physicist so he might very well qualify for that job. However, one particular question sprung to my mind, what the hell did a nuclear physicist have to do with Telstra? You don't need to be nuclear scientist to run Telstra! You need to have some degree in business! No wonder Telstra is doing great!
Link: Nuke inquiry considers coal tax

I forgot yesterday was the supposedly evil day being the 6th day of the 6th month of the 6th year of the new millenium and all. And the day of the US release of the Omen. Damn, how can I be truevil if I forget that occasion? That's like a once in millenium occasion. Anyhow, Satanists didn't miss it, they celebrated with rock concert and the various Christian groups didn't miss it either, they warded their souls with prayers. Meanwhile, the rest of the world either go see the movie or just go on with their lives. No great apocalypse came people. We are still alive and kicking.
However, 666 theories spread on the internet like wild fire. Apparently a woman who was turning 66 on 06/06/06 was born weighing 6 pounds 6 ounce on June 6. That's a lot of 6's that woman should be worshiped by Satanists. Oh, according the the practice of gematria, the practice of assigning numerical values to letters, "www" is equivalent to 666. How many "www" do you type a day?
Link: 6-6-6 theories spread on Net

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