Tuesday, February 13, 2007

All this fuss about nothing

As is often the case with politicians, they create a war of words, which ends in no sides being the winner, over a presidential candidate's possible future plan.

So Obama has his sight set on being the first African-American President of the US of A. Good for him, I'm sure he's more sensible than the bloke who's running the office now but I'd vote for Hilary Clinton just because she's a female Democrat. I'm just curious about how the world would turn out without someone with testosterone in power.

Ok, back to Obama. His trump card seems to be withdraw all American troops from Iraq. And of course that doesn't sit well with John Howard. Mr. Howard, being the outspoken, promises-keeping, no-lie-telling, straight-facts-understanding [I'm still getting over his blunder last week in parliament about "the jury is still out on the connection between greenhouse gas emissions and climate change"] and not power-obsessed good bloke that he is, came to one conclusion, among other things, that Obama is the US president of choice of Al-Qaeda.

If I were running al-Qaeda in Iraq, I would put a circle around March 2008 and be praying as many times as possible for a victory not only for Obama but also for the Democrats.

Sorry to bust your bubble Mr. Howard, prayers just don't work. If there is a god, George Bush wouldn't have been re-elected. What I don't get is why take the time and effort to slam Obama's possible plan? It's not like he's gonna be the Democrats' candidate and it's not like he's gonna win the election tomorrow. Did the PM see this as a fast and cheap way to show his loyalty to Bush?

We might never know the PM's motive but for sure Kevin Rudd's response to the PM's response to Obama's plan is just a ploy to gain more popularity in opinion polls. Rudd suggested that Howard's remarks had the potential to cause damage to the American-Australian alliance.

Let me just point this out, again. It's not like Obama's gonna win the election or a Democrats' candidate will. And the election is not tomorrow, it's next year and a lot can happen in one year. And it's not like the Liberal Party will win again in Australia. Besides, how can you be sure the Americans wouldn't dismiss Howard's remarks as some absurd comments from a senile old man? Jeez, politicians just don't know how to chill.

I expect we poor Australians will be bombarded with more of this nonsense throughout this week. Like I said, all this fuss for nothing.

P.S. I've just realized that I made quite some fuss on a post about gratuitous fuss. Man! the irony.

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