Sunday, February 25, 2007


That is the exact quote of what I thought this week when I realised that uni starts on Monday. This holiday has been the best holiday ever even though I stay at home most of the time. Let's see what happened this holiday.
Um, strangely nothing comes to mind so I guess really nothing much happened. This realisation is even sadder than the previous one so I set out to do something exciting this week.

And what's more exciting than doing an eight-movie marathon, yeah, I know my life is just so awesomely fracking exciting. In fact, I'm still recovering from all the excitement. Let's have a look at the movie I saw to capture back some of the excitement.

The first movie of the marathon was A lot like love. What can I say? Romantic comedies are the way to go if you want to see something that will definitely end well and might have some funny moments. However, I spent most of the movie remembering which movies or TV shows I saw the supporting actors from. That probably says something about the quality of this gem.

After such a promising start with the romantic comedy, I watched Children of Men next because watching another RomCom would have killed me. What can I say about Children of Men, I was kind of genuinely excited before watching this movie because of all the good reviews it received. However, it was a letdown. The performances from the actors were good, everything was good actually except for the plot which was supposed to be thought-provoking. Come on, putting illegal immigrants in cages and camps? That's sort of what the Australian government is doing to illegal immigrants. And what the camp guards did to said illegal aliens was exactly what was going on in Abu Ghraib prison. I don't find stuff that has already happened thought-provoking. At least this movie is much better than Babel (which I still don't know how to pronounce, is it pronounced babble or ba-bell?) which was another movie that received good reviews but turned out really bad for me.

The next movie on the hit list was The Human Stain. Why I chose this movie? I know it's a strange reason but because it's a thriller (or it claims itself to be a thriller) and it has Anthony Hopkins and his character in the movie is supposed to have this deep dark secret that nobody else knows. I guess I was hoping that the deep dark secret was that he was a creepy cannibal. It turns out his character is an African American and nobody knows about it. So much for deep dark secret.

So by the time I finished The Human Stain, I was desperate for anything that's entertaining and funny, I had enough of people dying or being killed or tortured by then so I went to the second romantic comedy in the pile: The Family Stone. And what a romantic comedy it was. It's not even remotely romantic, well maybe it would be if you consider a story about a girl spending Christmas with her boyfriend's incredibly rude family and managed to leave said boyfriend for his brother and then the ex-boyfriend hooks up with the girl's sister. Does that sound romantic to you? And comedy? I found myself almost cry throughout the movie and not because I was laughing too hard either. This has got to be the saddest comedy I've ever seen.

Oh gee, what is with me and picking a straight forward funny movie? I'm having very little confidence in my ability to pick out a good movie. So what I usually do when I don't know what movie to watch is to watch those teenage movies, there's no thought provoking stuff, no tragedies masquerade as comedies, they're just goofy and funny. That's why I watched Stick It next. And I got what I expected, a sort of funny movie that ends well.

Since the only teenage movie I watched on this marathon was the best movie so far, I went for another teenage movie next. And it was a big big mistake. The big mistake was Havoc. It was just so bad it's just plain bad. A movie about bored rich kids looking for excitement by joining gangs and doing drugs? These people should look at my example, don't do drugs or join gangs, watch movies instead.

I didn't finish Havoc, it was that bad. I was glad I didn't see this movie in theatre, that would be a waste of money. I watched Nacho Libre next and I'm still trying to purge the image of Jack Black's back side in tight pants. That was disturbing and I didn't like the movie. Let's just leave it at that because if I have to think about exactly what I don't like about this movie I would have to remember what Jack Black looked like in his wrestling costume with tight pants.

I know so far all the movie I've seen was bad, I was kinda pissed at the time too. You would be too if you were hoping for something good but it turned out average or just plain bad. However, the last movie I saw was just fracking awesome. It was Poseidon. Imagine Titanic without the love story and only the part when the ship as sinking, times that by four and that is what Poseidon is.

So let's see, I've seen the saddest comedy ever, an average RomCom, a disturbing Jack Black comedy, a not very thrilling thriller, a depressing futuristic movie. Man I'm super excited for uni now.

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