Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I've been tagged by Jacob over at Bent My Wookie on the subject of "Five Quotations that I like". First of all I have to say that I don't like being tagged. It's too much work. I'm lazy and I don't like to think more than I have to.

The last time I was tagged it was something about a list of books that change your life or something along that line. And of course I didn't do that. I read a lot but all the books that I read are for entertainment only and I definitely don't want to display my taste in books for everyone to see. What if Gone with the wind is among my books that change my life list? (I'm not saying that it is ok? I said if). Someone would die laughing at that.

Besides, participating in this tagging business is sort of conforming. I don't have a problem with conformists, I don't. What I do have a problem with is doing the act of conforming myself. Once you conform, you're open for comparison. It's like once you write down the list of whatever and tag somebody else, sooner or later someone will think to themselves: "my list is better than yours, your list sucks". I don't like comparing or being compared because every time I do I would get seriously jealous and then depressed or my ego would be blown up to the size that it can block out the sun and reduce global warming. Usually the former happens.

----begin off-topic----
I have to go off-topic for a bit here, this is a great time to share another of my personal "how to be positive" notes:
Don't frakking compare yourself to anybody.
----end off-topic----

I know not everybody goes around comparing themselves to other people. I think it's sort of an Asian thing. Don't blame me, blame my parents. I was brought up on comparisons. Why can't you be like your older sister? Why can't you be just as good as your cousin? Why did your friend get 100% on that test and you only get 97%? Seriously, Asian parents should go to Antarctica to chill.

It's sort of hard not doing something you were brought up to do, but hey I'm happy so I guess I'm making progress with not comparing myself to anyone. But I still don't like conforming. Not in the same sense as when emo kids say they don't like conforming. What I meant was I don't like to be so predictable that I can be pigeonholed.

With that said, here goes my list of quotes that I like. I guess I'm doing something that's quite unpredictable because, believe it or not, I started this post not wanting to list anything. I guess you can be unpredictably predictable.

The world is going to end and when it does, something will happen that has never happened before.
---Beauregard, The Muppet Show

God has no place within these walls, just as facts have no place within organized religion.
-- Superintendent Chalmers, The Simpsons

Facts are meaningless. You could use facts to prove anything that's even remotely true!
-- Homer Simpson

Anyone who can worship a trinity and insist that his religion is a monotheism can believe anything ... just give him time to rationalize it.
-- Robert A Heinlein, from Job: A Comedy of Justice

If I was any more open-minded [...], my whole brain would fall out.
-- Buffy

That's it, please don't compare. And to end this unpredictably predictable on an, well, unpredictable note, I will not tag anybody (and it's not because I don't have anybody to tag).

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