Thursday, February 15, 2007

In which I found the best site this week

Getting broadband seriously opened my eyes to a lot of things. Ok, truthfully, just a lot of downloads, a lot of youtube videos and lots of time wasting doing seriously irrelevant stuff.

What I also found out this week is 40GB download is just not enough when you spend all day on the net downloading. I have this download schedule: Monday is Battlestar Galactica day, Tuesday is for Prison Break, Wednesday is for Veronica Mars. I know it's illegal but I can't see BSG in Australia and Ten's showing Veronica Mars as such a "fixed" time slot that I never manage to catch any glimpse of it. Seven is showing Prison Break but it's 12 episodes late. Initially I downloaded Prison Break for my Dad but after sitting down to watch one episode with him I was irrevocably hooked. At least I'm not hooked on Lost or Heroes.

Since I almost maxed out my download allowance 4 days before the end of my download month, I've been trying to avoid youtube or any website that requires lots of download this week. However, as most of my plans usually turn out, it wasn't to be. I started reading some blog and one thing led to another and I ended up watching youtube videos again. I was at a pretty nondescript random blog [yes, I'm using the Next Blog button again despite swearing off it a few months back, I was so bored I could put up with anything any blog can throw at me] when I found this link to an awesome website: Imeem.

Imeem is a Youtube-like website with an emphasis on music. It's got videos and pictures sharing between users too but there are far more music files on the site. I had a look at the pictures people uploaded to the site and I regretted it. It's not exactly porn or anything that resembles porn but it's disturbing. If you feel up to it, just head to the picture section and click on the week's most viewed picture, hell I'll just give you the link, happy getting disturbed. Here's the summary in 4 words: Briney goes commando style. I know she did that a while ago but I didn't know somebody actually managed to snap a few pictures that show everything.

Did anyone really get themselves disturbed by clicking on that link? Tell me if you did. Here's something good, at least I think so, from the site. Just a random song I'm listening to at the moment I'm typing this.

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